Friday, October 9, 2009

BREAKFAST BURRITO- Easy eatin' on the go!

Ay! Yi! Yi! Yi! A bit of mexico in my mountain girl kitchen today!

A Breakfast burrito! My Hunk and Rugrats LOVE it when I make these.

They have chorizo, eggs, potatoes, sour cream, guacamole, cheese and Tapatio' Sauce.

I sometimes add refried beans.........I didn't have any today....... at least in my oh so clean and organized pantry I couldn't FIND any today......

If I'm in a hurry I put the potatoes in the microwave to partially cook them before frying them.

* when I'm trying to be healthy (which sadly isn't often enough) I use tator tots.....which are baked, not fried and actually taste very yummy in this burritos! I just throw them in the oven first thing and by the time the eggs and chorizo are finished the tator tots are ready!

Pour the oil in the pan so it can begin heating up.......... (why is it that most things I enjoy eating aren't the ummmmmmmmmm how do I put this?......most healthy choices?)

Take the potatoes out the microwave and slice.....(be careful they are hot when you cut into them.....)

Can't have fried potatoes without a bit of onion in them.....

I don't chop them into real small pieces, but I like the taste of cooked (ehmmmm, fried) onion....

Put the potato and onion into the hot grease and I add pepper and garlic salt (because in our home everything test better with garlic)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I LOVE crispy fried potatoes........ (If you leave the heat to low you will get mushy potatoes.....if you have it too high........well, I think we all know what happens then..... not that I've EVER done that........I'm just sayin'......)

Chorizo. I got a great deal on this big ol' package at Costco. (

I put cut the plastic length wise on my chorizo...... I used to squeeze it out of one end and I just seemed to make a bigger mess that way.....

Imagine making a mess......who woulda thunk it?

Then I peel the plastic apart to expose the top-side of the chorizo.... (I don't know if expose is the right word, it almost makes me feel as though I'm wronging the chorizo in some way)

then I pick it up and flip it into the pan peeling the rest of the plastic away from the chorizo..... (first the peanut butter photo ( and now this one.....
why is my mind "going there" with thoughts lately???... it must be the ehmmmmm......(child code word) "rubber- made" party I attend with all my church friends the other night......
Thank goodness I have bible study tonight.....
So I take the spatula and small up the chorizo.....

I keep smashin' and smooshin' around until it starts fryin' up like this..... (medium heat please)... a little carried away with my smashin' and smooshin'............ (SHOCKER)

Now add the eggs and swoosh them around (normal folk refer to this as scramble) ...............

Now we are gettin' there..... (doesn't it look so tasty? Ya, I know....ok, maybe not YET........... BUT will........ it will.........(I promise!)

SEE........ TOLD YOU...... Well, at least it does taste very yummy!

Queso Fresco....... Yummy Mexican cheese! I also found this is much cheaper at Costco than at our local grocery store..... (We slice off chunks of this cheese and pop it in our mouths... Ooooooo......Ooooooooooo....... I almost forgot to tell you..... it is all FANTASTIC crumbled up into fresh salsa......sighhhhhhhhhhh)

Just slice off a couple pieces....... toss one in your mouth (shove it all the way in because you need both hands for the next part) and then just grab the other slice and squeeze .....gently....and crumble.... ahhhhhhhh....... perfect!

Now plop on the sour cream, guacamole, Tapatio (if you so desire)......
Now fold it up (if you can)..... I sometimes wrap them in foil and send with my HUNK if he is in a hurry......
I tend to get carried away and have a leaky burrito OR (the OR I'm going to tell you what I really do) I end up breaking down and scoopin' half of my fillings out and into another tortilla.....
It just looks soooooooo much better (to my conscious) if I'm only eating ONE burrito instead of TWO burritos.... I guess I just need bigger tortillas' (and possibly PANTS)
Ciao Bellas~


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! Love that burrito! everything is better with chorizo and queso fresco :) mmmmmmm!

  2. Isn't it though? I tell my friends. I didn't get this butt by accident... I EARNED it!

    And chorizo and queso fresco....I'll admit it....they helped....

  3. Hey,
    Thanks for the great recipe for burritos! They look awesome. My soccer playing son would love these in the morning before school. He loves spicy so he'll for sure want the tapitio and tabasco on it!. I love the pictures too! Funny thing is when I saw the exposed chorizo my mind went to the picture of the peanut butter.(What's wrong with me!!?)

  4. That looks so good...Now I'm craving Mexican food, although I just had it last night for dinner!

  5. Anonymous- I just got back from soccer games! You probably had them today too! Hope he did great!
    I laughed out loud when I read that your mind went to the peanut butter. I love that!! Great minds think alike girl!
    The burritos really are a great to eat on the road....and filling! Actually I should make them up to eat on the way to soccer! Maybe I should leave out the beans though.....(out of kindness for the other players) ;)
    Your son loves spicy foods...ahhhhh...a boy after my own heart. (in fact I'm making stuffed jalapenos in a bit....yummy!)

    Maddie:. I hear you! I could eat Mexican food every single day of my life.... Chips and Salsa OH MY! Yep, my butt just grew again...

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me fun comments!

    I'm doing back flips!! Well, in my mind I'm doing my mind I weigh 105 pounds too! But if I could do a backflip I'd so be doing backflips!

  6. Okay I'm interested in the stuffed jalepenos now!Man this is great!!! Who needs Paula Dean or Racheal Ray when I've got Momma's Soapbox! Great minds do think alike (By the way, I've pretty much devoured the carmel corn. soooooo good!!!

  7. I got the recipe for the jalapenos off of another site. I'll post it soon, and I'll give you the link to the site where I found it! It is yummy!