Friday, October 23, 2009


Great day with the girls yesterday!

Hunk and my oldest Rugrat are gone hunting in Idaho. My other Rugrat son is at Knotts Berry Farm with a friend and his parents. I guess it's all done up for Halloween and supposed to be a great scary time!

With all the boys away us girls decided to go to town and play!

My Rugrat daughters..............

We started our day of with lunch..... SHOCKER...... Yummy for my tummy chicken salads and Pita Bread from a little Greek restaurant in town......

Then we did a little shopping...... stopped long enough to see a movie......... did a little more shopping.......went to dinner........quick trip to the craft store.........and home...

We plan to have fun day of making a baking today!
All the Rice Krispies are for some fun Halloween treats we are making today...... I'll post them on the blog when they are all done!
The girls needed winter clothes....
So we did a little HUNTING of our own.... We stalked the clothes down, pounced when we saw the ones we wanted......shoved them in a bag....and drug them home....

I had a blast watching them try on some funky (to me) outfits......some got a NO WAY JOSE....and some were so cute on!!

The carcases of our hunting trip, the Rugrats quickly discarded to the floor....

We had such a great day!!
I just know baking today is going to be a great time too!
I love being a Momma! and sometimes, I can say that even when they are awake..
Enjoy your day.........enjoy your Rugrats..........big and small.......

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Oh wow - looks like you had a wonderful day!

  2. Sounds like such a perfect day. Your girls are gorgeous!!!

  3. LOL I LOVE being a "momma" too EXCEPT....last NIGHT at exactly 9:23 PM while I was tucked into bed after cold medicine ingested, Chris comes in our room, "Mom I forgot to tell you, I need those dress clothes that I wore to present my family heritage report, do you know where they are? HUH? I said" He said he needed them for his recital of the Pre-emble in U.S. History class, so "momma" gets up, weary headed from cold meds, get them out of the closet, make sure they are pressed, NO tie to be found! went thru dads ties, none match shirt, ask where the one he did wear on the other presentation day, didnt know, FINALLY found it in the BOTTOM of the ABYSS he calls his backpack, wrinkled of course, MOMMA gets it pressed out, its shorter on him now cuz of the growth spirt but will just have to do, now its 10:00 PM, MOMMA asks if hes been memorizing pre-emble, he said, OH YES we go over it in class EVERY day, I ask for the book to follow along while he recites it to my MED head, out of appr. 80 words, I would say he knew 8-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tells me hes known about this day for WEEKS! wanted to pinch his head off at the neck! so this morn I got him up EXTRA early to get dressed and made him WRITE it out so maybe, just maybe the words might stick, sent him out to the bus with a hug and a "I love you" and wished him well! LOL OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this just MY 13 year old, or are there more out there like mine??????

  4. It was a perfect day! Thank you!!

    OMGosh Lanette.... it's not just yours.... welcome to teenage-hood! Buckle up and hang on girl your in for a ride.... lol

  5. ♥ Sounds like a BLAST!!! My daughter LOVES shopping... well the oldest one does and the very youngest...

  6. Sounds like a great time with the girls.
    I made Rice Krispies Treats not long ago. They don't last long around here. One day, if I'm lucky.

  7. It was so much fun!

    Twisted, they don't last long here either!

    We are making them into little suckers, ghosts and pumpkins..... I do hearts for valentines day so decided to try these for halloween!

    Wish us luck!

    I just know my butt will grow today..........sighhhhhh