Friday, October 2, 2009


I was having problems with my flash on my camera last night... I need to have my little sista' look at it for me when she comes to visit......but I took photo's of the kids playing outside.

This one is of our youngest Rugrat. She was so excited for me to take pictures of her on the swing her Daddy made for them.

You can really see how the flash wasn't working well in this photo. My daughter is doing what she loves to do more than probably most anything......she is loving on her cat. This is our Daddy Kitty....
She just got home from soccer practice and was laughing at herself because she had worn her UGG's to school that day, so after soccer when she took her cleats off that left her with UGG's and her soccer clothes.

My little Rugrat had to show her love to the Momma Kitty.

The barn house with the animals runnin' around.

Can you say Goofballs?? And bad exposure, DANG FLASH. My little one has half a head and arm! Maybe that's why she only seems to hear about half of what I say, she is missing an ear! I feel so much better now. All this time I thought she was just ignoring me. I feel so silly now! sighhhh.......
They just LOVE getting in the jacuzzi. When they asked last night if they could and I answered yes you would have thought a big Candy Company just called and told them they won a truck load a day of their favorite candy and the truck was pulling up. All the YEAH! WOOO HOOO's! They were so excited. They ran in the house, grabbed their swim suits and ran back out and tried to jump in. They decided that it was a bit hot and they needed to ease in to the water instead.

I just love watching my Rugrats act silly!! It is such a reminder of how wonderful childhood is or should be. Not a care in the world. The biggest concern they have (or should have) is if their homework is done and which friend will be able to come over.
I should have some great posts after this weekend. We will have a bunch of teenagers camping out in our Meadow. Our son is inviting friends over for a "Pow Wow". They crack me up. They handle everything, all I have to do is make sure I have enough food to feed all these hungry teenagers!
Ahhhhhhhh to be young again.....I miss those day! Don't you?

Ciao Bella~

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