Sunday, March 14, 2010


I thought this was the perfect reminder bracelet! You can get it here.

I find it so strange how different life feels when you take control of it! Starting this deal a meal program so far has been one of the best things I could have done.

Not only for my physical health but also for my mental health. When I am conscious of what I’m eating…..yes, I said conscious. The reason I use this word is because in all honesty many and most times in the past few years when I eat I just grab whatever looks and sounds good. I’m not making a conscious decision as to how what I was putting in my mouth would affect my body image or my health. That is not to say that I didn’t think about it at all. I just didn’t listen to what I knew.

I WANTED it and somehow it was almost like I felt I deserved it. But really I think I just felt so fat and yuck that what I really felt was it didn’t really matter cuz I’m already fat. What I felt was I deserved was to continue being fat, not that I deserved the food.

I don’t know if any of this is making sense. I’m just trying to type my feelings as they come to my mind. Hash them out and change my way of thinking.

This Deal a Meal has given me structure without difficulty. It is so easy to see what “card” I have left. What category I can eat out of. Helps me to make healthy choices. I can still have fat, I can still have carbs, but limited amounts.

It’s only been a few days but my results are more than what the scale says (which is LOSS already). My results are in how I am feeling already. I already have more energy. I already feel like my mind is clearer. Not that I walked around in a fog before, because I didn’t. But I’m not sure how to put in to words what I mean by this.

I guess I’m not spending any part of my day feeling upset with myself for not doing anything about things I don’t like about myself and in my life. I am taking steps to change them and this is making me feel in control of my life.

I suppose in the way that writing up a budget, balancing your checkbook and sticking to your budget makes you in control of your money. Telling your money where to go instead of spending whatever you want and then trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage. We have to tell ourselves “NO” or we won’t have enough money to pay our bills.

I’m now telling myself “NO” or I won’t have any clothes so I can be healthy. I originally started this so I could “look better” OF COURSE I WANT THIS, but if within just a few days I’m already FEELING better because of what I’m eating, looking better has taken 2nd seat to feeling better.

Cheers to to putting ourselves in the drivers seat of our lives.

Cheers to a new me....CHEERS TO A NEW US!


I’ve heard these words and this year I plan to live them.

I may not be "the skinny girl” ever again but I can be "the healthy girl."

I may not be “the most organized person” anyone knows, but I can choose to not live in Chaos.

I may not win “Mother of the Year Award” but I will continue to make my children, their healthy, growing up with integrity and their happiness a priority.

We have to make this our “BEST LIFE”……….it’s the only one we have.

So in the words of Dr. Phil.

No, not “How’s that workin’ for you?” Though I’ve said that to myself in areas.


I'm ready, are you?

Ciao Bellas~

P.S. I have not had one day with an un-made bed, since pledging to do this. Small step in the new, non chaos, organized me!


  1. Amen to that! I am very proud of you. I am considering getting the deal a meal too. :) I used it years ago......

  2. I'm in - that is an amazing way to look at it: live your best life - 'cause you know what? If you're not living your best, you're living your worst and how dumb is that? What struck me strongest in this posting was the line, "...not doing anything about things I don’t like about myself and in my life." I thought, Well wow, that's IT - I, me, myself, I am the ONLY one who can DO something about this excess weight. No one else can do it for me. If I am upset with the excess fat, then I only have ME to blame for it and about it, if I'm not doing anything. Phew. Eye opening - thank you!

  3. And with your determination cous, you can and will accomplish this goal as well! good luck and keep us posted, I did it last year and its amazing how good it feels knowing I did it for ME, how much do us wives/moms do for US?? this is something we can do and its such a great feeling. We sometime's don't have control over alot in our lives, but making ourselves healthier is something that only we, ourselves can do.