Monday, March 1, 2010


Hunk went for a walk on the property and he took the camera so I could share some photos with you!

We see lots and lots of deer.... I never get tired of watching them....

"Would you like to take my photo?"

This is the dam at the end of our lake. It gets so full this time of year that it flows on over. I love watching it when it is like this.

All the snow and rain we are getting is paying off!

Wonder if I brought our canoe out if I would flip? Who am I foolin' I would flip in still waters.....

There is something about water that is so peaceful to my soul.

Yep, my canoe would flip right on over......

Love this spot.......

Thanks for the photo's Hunk!
After looking at these photos I went and got in our raft, put on my life jacket and was rafting like a pro. I was splashing and bouncing around, seat flying up in the air, moving that raft exactly where it needed to be...... You would have been impressed.
If you could have been in my DREAM with me, you soooooo would have been impressed.
Maybe one day it will really happen...when I'm awake...maybe.....hmmmmmmm....
Ciao Bellas~


  1. I like your dream! I for one would end up doing that one line you had - "seat flying up in the air" - but I would have landed in the water! Absolutely amazing pictures - which I had that in MY backyard. Did you guys make the dam?

  2. flip in still water............funny!