Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I think we all have felt like we have Chaos in our homes at one point or another. Some of us more than others.

Part of taking control of my life this year is also taking control of the chaos in my life. That means taking control of how much chaos I let IN to my life. I really think that we unknowingly, without meaning to, allow chaos in.

I personally do this in a few ways that I am aware of.........and probably many more ways that I am NOT aware of, but hope to be soon!

One way we can slow down or start to control some of the chaos is by learning how to say "No, I'm sorry I can't" When we just really don't have time to do something. Ever notice how it seems the people who are the most busy are the ones who are always asked to take on more.....and usually say YES?

I remember one day I was running on fumes. I had put together the gift basket for the our daughters classroom silent auction, I was heading up the fundraising dinner, I was volunteering in my sons classroom, running our office for our business, running 4 children to their games, dance lessons, etc.......and I was approached to make the certificates to hand out to all the children on the soccer team.

I sighed and stated how busy I was but that I could do it. And then the person who asked me said "I know you are busy, that is why I asked you" I think my mouth hit the soccer field bounced up and down a few times and then I shook my head a bit and said "Wha.....wha....What? Why? "... She said "If I need to make sure something is done I always ask a busy person." I said "Why would you do that instead of asking someone who isn't as busy and would have more free time?" She said "Because I know a busy person will do it. A person who isn't busy probably doesn't want to do anything and I can't count on them to get it done." I'm not so sure I agree with this 100% but I think maybe those not busy people might have it figured out!

Kind of like my rugrats doing something HALFWAY right when I ask them to help out. Struggling with it as if they don't know how, or just can't seem to get it down when they are shown over and over. I'm on to them......they want me to say, it's ok, forget it I'LL DO IT MYSELF.....

I may or may not have done this as a child.....

I'm not suggesting to be this way. I am suggesting that we need to not always be the first to volunteer. And we need to not be afraid to say we are too busy when we are or we can't or you know what?......we just don't feel like it. I don't think it's a crime to not feel like doing something.

I think we need to reserve some of our energy for the things that our really important to us. Is getting more organized important to you? It is to me and so I'm going to put some of my extra energy into that. Into planning, into learning how to be more organized......and I know once I am organized it will free up even more time for me to work on other things I enjoy or want to focus on.

I know it will free up this time because how can't it?

I won't have to run my daughters instrument to the school if she takes it in the first place.

I won't have to make a last minute rushed trip to town to buy that birthday gift if I had it on my list and bought it when I was in town the last time.

I won't have to stay up all night baking cookies for the school party the next day, if I planned in advance and had fun making them instead of stressing about how I didn't have time to be doing this.

I won't have to pay a late fee because even though I had the money sitting in my account I didn't get a bill mailed out in time.

I won't have to freak out because someone dropped by my home unannounced and my dishes aren't done, my bed isn't made and my laundry is giving Mt. Everest a run for it's money.

I won't have to grab take out for dinner because I don't have the ingredients for the dinner I've started to prepare OR I because I didn't take the meat out of the freezer.

All these "little things" add up to big time suckers. They suck the time right out of our day.

I really believe the saying "Failing to Plan is planning to fail"

So I'm setting out a game plan to control the chaos.

I've started with the baby step of making my bed everyday. This has become an excellent habit. It just makes me feel so good to walk in my room and see my bed made. A sense of accomplishment that takes about 5 minutes to accomplish.

I've also started giving my rugrats some responsibilities around our home. They need to take pride in keeping things picked up in our home too. Not me running around behind them picking up every little thing after them.

When they were small we had clean up toy time and since they have gotten older it's just a few things here and a few things there and I find myself picking them up for them. Now AT BEST I take them to their room and set it on their bed (if they aren't home) but most of the time I wait until they are home and have them do it.

My daughters have also started helping with the dishes. they are more than capable and old enough to help load and unload the dishwasher.

I'm also sitting down on Sunday's and going over the calendar with my family. Does anyone have anything coming up that I need to add to it.....double checking for any appointments during the coming week.

Trying to avoid a missed or rushed to appointment.

My next plan is to start making my weekly menu and shopping list. I haven't implemented this one yet but I am.

Baby Steps. Baby steps to an organized controlled chaos life.

I know me.......and I know if I try to implement it all at once I'm setting myself up for failure. So I have my bed making down, I have down asking my children to help out and pick up after themselves.

And now I'm working on remembering to go over my calendar on Sunday's and check it each night before I go to bed. I'm also focusing on remembering to pull meat out each morning for dinner each night.

Baby Steps.

I'm worrying about TODAY today......not TOMORROW today.

I'm setting myself up to succeed.

Controlled Chaos this is my goal.
Cheers to a beautiful, healthy eating, controlled chaos day.

Why? Because we deserve it.......of course.

Hugs to you!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Well said. No doubt I waste time spinning my wheels trying to get through or figure out what it is I should be doing. So much wasted time.

  2. I KNOW! This is a perfect description - that's why I'm spring cleaning this house in a major way - giving away to Salvation Army anything I don't need or use. It's been fun because my "junk" will be someone elses' treasure!

    I always start out with plans to do it all, great guns and full steam ahead and peter down to nothing, never quite finishing any project. Sort of like housework. I had to learn to finish one room before moving to another or I'd wander all over and not get any room done. That's why I bought those $1 round laundry baskets from Dollar Store... take into the room I'm working on - toss what goes into another room into its designated basket and NOT leave that room until I'm done. Then I take the baskets to their room and unload them. I look forward to more ideas from you, the organized one (at least compared to me, hoho)

  3. Steph, Jenny had a great idea that we implemented in our house. It came out of her frustration on cleaning every Saturday. "mom I don't want to do this on my saturday's it takes to long" I asked what her idea would be to fix it? She made a calendar of one "major" chore that we would do everyday so her saturdays would be free. First and foremost our rooms are cleaned everyday except Sun.Our schedule: Monday-bathrooms,she does hers i do ours. Tue. Laundry she does hers i do ours. Wed. Yardwork Thurs. Laundry anything that didn't get completed on Tue./ dusting-she does all dusting it gives me a headache. Fri. vacuum/mop. we take turns the kitchen and entry need a mop the rest of the house is carpet so guess what i do most of the time?lol i really don't mind. The rule is this if we DON"T do our daily chore then Saturday it is....Yes, we've had to work some saturdays and we're both reminded how nice it is not to. one chore a day is alot better than working all all all day saturday!!!! Thanks Jenny! Be that she is an only child she has to help cook and clean every meal. We try to make it fun. Her dad and her have made some of their own recipes! cool!.....