Tuesday, March 30, 2010


How many of you spend a lot of time searching for your keys in the morning?

It usually would happen to me when we are running 5 minutes late for the bus stop and I run to where I KNOW thought I put them and they aren’t there. My blood pressure rises quickly. So does my voice throughout the house.

Who took my keys? Has anyone seen my keys? HELLO!? We are going to be late. We aren’t going anywhere if we don’t find my keys. You will miss school and then you will have tons of make-up work to do. Basically what I’m saying is if we don’t find my keys you are repeating the 5th grade. This is how tired I am of someone moving my keys…….

Well, I didn’t really say ALL of those things, but you feel my pain don’t you? Tell me I was not alone in this.


As I’ve shared I’m on my mission this year to make this my best life. I shared that this was going to be through organization and healthy eating. These are the two MAIN things I want to improve this year.

Keys having been a huge issue, I tackled them first!

I’d like to apologize now to the deer on my property for my driving past them at 100mph trying to get out of my driveway and to the bus stop on time.......after the key hunt. I'm also so happy to report that this doesn’t happen anymore…….. Well at least not very often.

Why? Because I installed a Key rack next to my front door!

Ok when you see "I" installed please read "HUNK" installed......

It’s really cute too. They aren’t expensive and you can get all kinds of designs. Some say keys, some just have a few hooks. Mine is a metal design with 3 hooks. Yeah! I love it! It has been a lifesaver in the morning.

Now if I can’t find my keys I know it is because Hunk drove my car last and he left them in the ignition.

No more searching the kitchen table, the desk, the sofa table, the night stand, the bathroom (yes, I found them there often....living in the middle of nowhere makes for long drives and I'm usually running for the potty as soon as I hit the door)…….

It also works great for Hunk to hang his sunglasses on. Another item we commonly search for.

Looking for misplaced items is such a time suck and blood pressure raiser….. This is something I'm working hard to eliminate. Started with the keys and will be moving on to other items, like homework, important papers, etc.

I think it's funny how when someone can’t find something when they find it they say “Of course it is always in the last place I look for it.” I mean Really? I would hope so. I would hate to see someone say. “I found my keys on the kitchen table but I’m going to keep looking for them, cuz it's so darn fun” Cracks me up…… Sadly though.... I think I’ve even said it before.

It’s one of those Bill Engval moments “Here’s your sign”…….

Like I did the other day. I pulled up and my son was at the log splitter with piles of wood around him. I said “Hi son, whatcha doing? Splitting wood?” He was kind to his Momma and said “Yes, I am. Hi Mom!” But when Hunk got home he told me that my son told him (ie talked crap behind my back on his Momma. LOL) what I said and that he wanted to say “Here’s your sign”….. I hadn’t even realized I’d done it.

Ok, back to my point of this post………. =)

So consider which items you are constantly searching for and then determine the most convenient spot to store them. Find a spot that is easy for you to ensure you will actually use it. Don’t put your drop off spot in your back bedroom when you know you come in the front door and will drop it on a table there. Or if you come in and out thru your garage door, it’s probably not best to put it by your front door.

Make it easy. As soon as you come in the house, you should have a place to set those crucial items so that you won’t be tempted to carry them with you into the living room OR bathroom or wherever the last place you are going to looks for them is…..

It will take a few days to get in the habit of hanging the keys up when you walk in but once you do you will forever be grateful.

Your kids and husband may miss the yelling “Where are my keyyyyyyyyyyyssssss?” in the morning……..but you won’t!

I promise!

And I wouldn't *poop* ya, you're my favorite turds!

Sorry.......it slipped.

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Ok........good idea but. LOL yes there is a but. Tell me u don't keep ALL ur keys there? If someone breaks in your house, one stop shopping there :-)

    We have two bowls, yes bowls LOL. One is on my Bin cabinet and I toss my keys and sunglass in it. Then we have bowl hidden in our kitchen cabinet with the dishes, all of the other keys are tossed in there. Motorcycles, quad, pick up, 18 wheeler etc etc.

    Way to go Steph your moving along, I'm so proud of you!! Its like a 12 step program for organization haha, we all need it!!

  2. LOL Sonya. We keep our vehicle that we drive daily with our house key on the same chain there. Our other keys that dont' get used daily are in a separate area.
    Thanks! it is such a 12 step program.......totally planning to kick butt this year.......and lose some of my butt along the way. HA HA

    crazynursingstudent- get a special spot for them by the front door. I'm telling ya, you will be so glad that you did!

  3. When Alpha Son was little, he liked the keys so when he was 2, I pounded a large nail into the wall by the front door. I then always hung the keys there as soon as I walked in the door. I did that at every house we lived in after that. I finally finally broke down a few years ago and bought a real wall mounted key holder. I kinda of miss that nail (smile) but there are way more keys to keep track of now. I still occasionally toss mine on the table or counter on way to ladies room but try not to since from there, the key fairy tends to move them.

    Don't know who Bill Engval is or what the reference to “Here’s your sign" means?