Friday, March 19, 2010


It was official, we had a daughter!

And she fit in her own Easter Basket.

And she has two older brothers........

And she loved chocolate cake......

And then she grew up and went to her first school dance.......

Her big blue eyes melt my heart........

She has her own style.......and yes, candy does make her very happy......

So does pizza............and school dances.......

And big sunglasses at the beach........
What makes ME oh so very happy?
Hearing her call me Mom.
What an honor. What a privilege and yes sometimes what a hair graying experience.
I love you my sweet daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Hug your babies or grand babies........they grow up so fast.
Ciao Bellas~


  1. Oh how the memories come flooding back, still remember you calling to borrow a crib or basinette, seems like yesterday, and I remember Mom, Karen and I coming over to see her when you lived on Bullard and you and her were are snuggled on the couch sleeping like 2 peas in a beautiful pod!-Happy Birthday Katie. Love to all.

  2. i remember you holding both Jenny and Katie.... they are only a month apart....just like dolls they are so precious!!!

  3. This brought tears!
    What a beautie! And she looks so FUN!

  4. ♥ Love the pictures! She's adorable!

  5. I remember that too Lanette and Karen that too! It was fun having them so close together in age. And now look at them! Growing up before our very eyes.

  6. O Mom- Thank you! It makes me sad to see those baby pictures and feel like it was just yesterday and she is growing up so quickly. My oldest will be 20 in June (the blonde older brother in the photo above) so you would think I would realize how quickly it goes. But it blows me away each year.

    Are you Serious!- Thank you so much!!

  7. so it's kinda like an anniversary for us?? Because why did I meet Miss Stephanie?? OH yeah because of Miss Katie :-)

    Crazy the way our lives work and what each new day/year brings us.

  8. Sweet little Katie poo! She is such a beauty. I remember the day she was born so vividly. I'll never forget Blake running to get Mike because we were standing outside the hospital room and he heard the labor screams. LOL

  9. Such a beautiful young woman, inside and out! Hard to believe they grow up that fast but each stage is precious as long as we enjoy them all! Mine is 27 and still a hoot!

  10. Those are great pictures...
    She reminds me a bit of my daughter (age 9)-blond hair blue eyes, making faces for the camera, sweet smiles. :)