Tuesday, March 9, 2010


She LOVES to bake.

I think if she could stay home all day from school and bake, she would be a happy camper baker.

I think this is her favorite part about baking.....

And this is my favorite part about HER baking.........
Is she Bakerella?.......No, not yet......but she did bake it all on her own and it taste wonderful.
She just started taking guitar lessons and I bought her a guitar and a music note cookie cutters today. She is going to bake cookies and take them to her guitar teacher tomorrow.....
Now if I can just get her to cook dinner every night.......
Ciao Bellas~


  1. Ah!! I see your plan - it's a GREAT one - pretty soon you can introduce her to the vacuum, washer, dryer, mop - oh it is endless! Think she'll catch on??

  2. OOOooooo OOoooo AAaaa AAaaa......... (my attempt at an evil laugh. LOL

    They say in the "olden days" they had so many children to have help around the home and ranch. Maybe they were on to some thing! LOL

  3. That's great. Her and my A#2 would get along great. She is 9 and her favorite thing to do is bake and watch the Food Network!