Thursday, March 25, 2010


I recently shared this photo with you of our daughter on her first Easter.

I would always do big baskets for my Rugrats each year. I couldn't resist putting my daughter inside her basket for a photo.

She was so much more precious than any stuffed rabbit I could have ever found!

So now I share this.

My little sister and I spending Easter at my Aunts house.

Doesn't she look so happy and sweet?

You would never guess that about 2 seconds after this photo was taken her basket fell over and the contents spilled out.

She screamed and cried as if it was all unwrapped and attacked by ants.

Being the nice big sister I GRABBED IT ALL AND RAN helped her pick it all back up and put it back in her basket.

And peace was restored in the land.

Until I put on my uncle's (way to big for me) flip flops and went into a field full of sticker patches.

I screamed and cried as if my feet were full of stickers......oh wait....they YA, I screamed and cried like that......

Ok, maybe I screamed and cried as if knives were slicing my feet.

Then my Uncle came out and got me and carried me back to the house.

And then peace was restored in the land.

As my Rugrats get older I'm trying to think of some fun new things to do with them. Create some great memories for them.

Besides spilling their baskets and standing in a field of stickers.

Not that those are my only Easter memories.... They're not......

I can't think of anything else right now, but the memories are there.

Locked away underneath the painful memories of the ants and knives. I mean spilled candy and stickers.

The girls love to bake and I found a couple things I just HAVE to have.

I found these at Williams-Sonoma. Aren't they adorable? Now if we can just get ours to turn out that well!

My stuff never looks like the photo on the box.

But then I saw this.............

LOVE these! Aren't they adorable?

I'm not sure if they look so good because I'm starving right now or if they just really look that good...... I'll get back with you on that one....

And if anyone knows what Richard Simmons"deal a meal" cards I use to be able to eat about a dozen of these please let me know.

I just really want to do something extra special with the kids this year.

Ok, I just really want an excuse to work with sugar and flour.

By the weigh way, the weight loss plan is still going strong.

Had to fight the urge to buy a KING SIZE bite size Snickers bar today but I did it.

I fought the urge that is.

I did NOT buy the snickers bar.

My friend bought it for me.


Sadly I'm kidding. sniff, sniff

But tomorrow when I hop on the scale for my weekly weigh in I will be sooooooo glad I didn't eat the snickers bar.

Tonight.......not so much.


Sort of.

Woot Woot...........chug......chug.....

Ciao Bellas~


  1. You are too funny!! can't wait to see what you come up with for Easter, but......FYI I buy all the holiday pans at Williams Sonoma, my pantry is jam packed with them, but in your first photo, that writing pen thing????? the christmas set I bought there and those oh so good/easy looking pens!!!!!!!!!! Karen and I almost got in the car at 10 pm and drove them to that store and threw them through the window! lol OMG they are the WORST! sorry William Sonoma fans (for which I am one too) but those pens have to be soaked in warm/hot water and they harden after each eye you make with them, spring/summer weather might make a difference but OMG Steph you would have had a great HOW NOT TO DO blog entry lol I just yourself from aggrivation!! the stickers and knives in the feet is alot less painful lol

  2. Oh No Lannette! I remember you talking about those pens! I'm so glad you reminded me. That is a bummer! I know you love to shop there! So thanks for the input!

  3. Haha, you always crack me up. My mom always, actually still does, did Easter baskets for my brother and I. Last year our little puppy Hank got an Easter basket from my parents. And he opened it himself. I might have to put those pictures up...

    Anyways, I have the cutest sets of insect and farm animal cookie cutters; it would be fun to make and decorate sugar cookies with your girls! As we got older, my mom always made our Easter basket out of something we would need/want, instead of the usual basket. For instance, one year it was ice chests for camping; another year it was luggage. Not that you have to go that far, but its an idea. Good luck!