Saturday, March 20, 2010


Have you ever seen someone in a restaurant with their measuring cup and measuring spoons? What about a food scale?

What about if it is a buffet? And it's not just any buffet, it's a seafood buffet..... like the diet I've been on in the past (you know the one........I "see" the food and I eat it).....

I mean how embarrassing! Can't you just guess at the portions and it be close enough? What about the people sitting at the table with her? What do they think about the people walking by and wondering why someone brought their kitchen gadgets to a restaurant.....

Well, I must confess........ last night that was me. My name is Stephanie and I'm "THAT GIRL"

See I'm on a mission here. I'm on the train to my best life and by the way...... I'm picking up passengers along the way, so if you want to join us we'd love to have you!

So as many of you know one of the ways to having my best life is to take control of my eating habits and by doing so improve my self image as well as the image everyone else sees when they look at me. Funny how our self image isn't always the same image as everyone else sees. Usually our self image is much worse.

So back to my kitchen gadgets at the seafood buffet. You may ask SERIOUSLY? In fact my sister did send me a text telling me to remind her to never go out to eat with me.....

She was kidding of course.

I think. LOL

But with this "Deal a Meal" plan I'm doing it's all about certain portion sizes "per card"......and I've not been doing it long enough to be a good judge of this yet. And I'm not derailing this train! I'm not guessing......and it's a good thing because I guessed on my meat portion........then when I got back to the table I weighed it (on the food scale..... I had stuffed in my purse) and it was almost a full card over.

What was great was Hunk. He didn't get embarrassed, and I really was being as discreet as possible, he encouraged me. So did my parents. What could have been really uncomfortable and made me feel like a WAY OVER THE TOP way of eating out ended up being a situation where I was made to feel proud of my conviction to stick to this.

I know I will get to where I can judge how many ounces my piece of meat is and how much 1 cup of vegetables look like but until then I'll be breaking out my measuring cup and my food scale. I won't derail, I won't derail.

I'm taking charge of my life and I refuse to enter into one more summer wishing I had some self control so I could wear a swim suit without hiding behind a big beach towel.

I control what I put in my mouth and I control if I am going to get off my fat sofa and exercise or if I'm going to sit on it. Me....only me to blame and only me to praise.

I can do this. I will do this. I AM doing this....

No matter what area in your life needs improvement YOU can make that improvement happen.

Weightloss is just one area I'm on a mission to improve this year. Organization is another.

So are you ready to get off of your fat sofa and get up and make it your Best Life?

Together we can do anything...The train has left the station, but we are making many stops...... picking up many passengers along the way.....

I'm saving a seat just for you.

Let's do this.....

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Come on ride the train Woo woooooo! I'm right there with you sister! The only whales I want to see in Hawaii are in the ocean. LOL!! Wait there aren't any whales in Hawaii in July. Even better. ;-) Love you and proud of you!

  2. Richard & I have been meeting for 5 days now. Today I'm using his toning DVD that came in the mail yesterday. While it's only 30 minutes I suspect it will kick my bootie even more than Sweatin' to the Oldies has. I also got back into weighing my food - my portion sizes had creeped up again - so I am SO proud of you for taking the scale/cup with you. What a GREAT idea because all that matters is doing what works for you to keep you from derailing. I am going to have to stretch my leg muscles more in preparation for our big "split off" - hoho! I truly can't wait. WE ARE GOING TO BE OUR VERY BEST ENJOY OUR BEST LIFE. Cottage Girl is joining us - another upbeat, positive person to ride this train!

  3. i have been reluctant about this train, only because i am so tired of dissapointing my self, yet again. Though last night my oldest daughter and I had a long talk and we've decided to encourage eachother, weigh in together and keep eachother accountable..........Hoping for lots of encouragment from here too!!!! :)

  4. I was at the restaurant with you weighing your food. I can only say I am very proud of you. You are truly committed and that is what it takes. :)

  5. I was at the restaurant with you weighing your food. I can only say I am very proud of you. You are truly committed and that is what it takes. :)

  6. ok I want on the train too-while I have and will contine to conquer the weightloss portion of my life, I need the train car w/organization skills please! keep up the good work and pack up that purse with WHATEVER YOU need to stay on this track, don't worry about what anyone else thinks! be PROUD to bring out the whole kitchen gadget drawer and proudly set up shop! and with your will and determination cous that beach towel will just keep getting smaller and smaller!

  7. Wow LBD you are kicking butt and taking names! I'm really thrilled that cottagegirl is joining us in our mission. Luv that girl!

    Thanks Mommy!

    Cuz happy you are on the train and though I have been mostly updating lately about the weightloss I've also been working on my organization and I will be posting about that one as well. Changes I'm making and asking for any advise/changes from all of you to share!

    Sister- there will be no whales....woot woot...

  8. OMom-I totally understand that feeling 1 million percent and you are not alone. In fact I have a half written post that I'm finishing up that touches on that very feeling. I've received emails from people stating they want on the train but always trust me you aren't alone. Glad you are doing this with your daughter. I'm a strong believer in strength in numbers. I really want to be part of your journey... and together we can all do this. YOU CAN DO THIS.

  9. Great to see the commitment you have in obtaining your goal. Kudos to you!

  10. I've got my ticket and am ready to board!

    Just got back from exercising for the 1st time in a long time. Didn't want to go at all - truly had to make myself. Grumbled all the way through it but I thought about short sleeves and the bathing suit and how I don't want another summer to go by grumbling not about exercising but about having not exercised and how much of a loser I am and how I hate short sleeves and bathing suits should be outlawed. I don't have plans to be waltzing around in a 2 piece by any means but I want to be able to enjoy my family and the sunshine and good times without be obsessed with the fat hanging off the back of my arms.

    So I grumbled today and I'll probably grumble a little on Wednesday when I go again, but I'll go and do it. Maybe by next week the grumbling will stop and I'll actually look forward to it.

    It's on!