Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was in the car on the way to my hair appointment this morning and heard this on the radio. I was blown away. Then upon returning I read a blog that broke my heart and it made me feel I needed to share this story.

A small victory for those who are or have gone through infidelity. Of course this isn't a victory that is going to directly affect you........but you have to admit you can't help but at least get a chuckle out of this.....

*found this story at WHA11.com...full story at their site *

(ABC News) - Cynthia Shackelford's story could have been no different than that of any other aggrieved wife: The North Carolina woman, 60, thought her husband Allan was deeply in love with her. Then came his late nights at the office and suspicious charges on his credit card and cell phone bills. And finally, a private investigator confirmed what she had feared: Her husband, she said, was having an affair. But Shackelford's story has a $9 million twist. Under centuries-old North Carolina case law, Shackelford sued her husband's alleged mistress, Anne Lundquist, for "alienation of affection," charging that the woman broke up her 33-year marriage. Last week, Shackelford won. A jury awarded her $5 million in compensatory damages and $4 million in punitive damages to be paid by Lundquist. "She set her sights on him. ... She knew he was married," Shackelford said of Lundquist. "You don't go after married men and break up families."

Is it better than meeting her in a dark alley and kicking her butt?....I'm not sure.....

Possibly 9 million times better.....

Though I may or may not feel that she deserves BOTH.

I really don't understand. Shame on HIM for sure. And shame on HER. I'm really blown away by this but there are women who PURPOSELY seek out married men to date. They prefer married men over single men.

I actually had someone tell me this one time......Really? You prefer to wreck someones family because it's more exciting for you? It's more of a challenge? It's less worry of a commitment wanted by him...

Ok, I'm stepping of my soapbox.

If this has happened to you. I'm so sorry. I can't give big enough hugs to you. But DON'T YOU DARE take the blame for this or think you aren't worthy. You are worthy and this is not your fault!

EVEN IF..... you didn't cook dinner every night..

EVEN IF.... your house wasn't as clean as the neighbors..

EVEN IF...... you didn't have sex as often as your hubby wanted it...




And you may or may not work things out after this. Many people do. I have friends who have. Their relationship is stronger now than it ever was before. BUT it took a long time to get there. And he had to be an open book and he was willing to be that open book. And she deserved for him to be that open book and he was smart enough to know how lucky he was to have that 2nd chance.

If you are the woman who seeks married men....... Shame on you. Get your checkbook and meet me in the alley.

Ciao Bellas~

PS. I of course think the other woman wasn't the only one who should have to pay.


  1. O lawd. I'm right there with ya - save me some room in the alley I just started kick boxing again so I could go for some real butt kicking.

    Makes me wanna throw up.

  2. Yea, my ex and my best friend. I thought "He's an alcoholic, he has an excuse for being stupid - she has NONE." BUT in the end, as my Alpha Hubby says, if the woman can't have him because he won't be had...

    No matter how much a predator the other woman is, if he has made up his mind in advance that he WON'T - she CAN'T. I warned AH once (jokingly) that I sure wouldn't go after the other woman and to remember that he'd have to go to sleep sometime.

  3. Ok here goes...i've been on that end. All I can say is.....Yes the woman is wrong........but he also made up his mind to do it. We can hate her and all that good stuff but there were two of them. Regardless of what your doing or not doing at home, things have a way of just getting well tweaked at times!

    Forgive........yes you can. So so difficult to do, but can be done.

    9 Million? really? I think the punishment should really fit the crime and when humans cheat and hurt others........it will come back to haunt them, and usually at the most perfect moment.

    Hugs, Sonya

  4. Well said, Steph! Still, I think he should've paid half of that settlement. It takes two to tango!

    Btw, I finally got on Twitter and of course, I'm now a follower of yours. I just love your funny and easy-going blog posts, I thought following you on Twitter would be fun as well.



  5. With my luck, the woman would be broke and unable to pay! Ha ha!


    I agree with you, there's nothing funny about a man that cheats and breaks his family's heart, or a woman who pursues a married man - However, like you, I found the humor in the story. And, when we heard about it, (my husband and I live in North Carolina) we both made the crack back at eachother about his only being able to attract a dirt-poor woman and how I'd never be able to collect so I'd have to kick her butt, (and his!)

    Thanks for the post!

  6. Such heartbreaking stories.

    Sonya I was right there with you on that. Such a tough time. And you made it to the otherside still breathing and now you have two beautiful little girls and a husband who loves you! I love you girl!

    Duchess- I understand the humor. I think at times it is ok to laugh "at" something even though the truth of the matter is it's not a funny subject. Your conversation sounds like one I would have here with Hunk. But it is heart breaking.

    And I do agree that the guy is soooo to blame and if he wasn't willing it wouldn't happen. It's when someone actively pursues someone's spouse that it just chaps my hide even more.

    Ok, stepping down AGAIN........

    Have a sunshine day!