Wednesday, March 10, 2010


If you read this.......then you know why I'm checking in with ya! And lets just say I have good new to report!

This weekend was very productive. We were in attack mode. We got more items taken over to our storage barn and I'm heading back to the office today with a few items we found afterward. Hunk got a battery powered lamp system set up to give us light in the house at night when the generator is off. (We do not have electricity ran back in here where we live so we run on a generator, and are going to be getting solar power. The pump is run on solar now.

So nice to be able to walk through my home without it being a maze each time! Having two homes worth of furniture in one home doesn't work out too well.

I will have pictures up soon so you can see all the improvements we have done around here!

It's been a busy week already. Butting I'm keeping my head above water so far AND I haven't left the house with week without my bed made. Some of you do this everyday and some of you are standing up and applauding me.....

My bed only got made when I had time OR if I had company coming over. Now I've made it a rule for myself to not leave without making it. If I am requiring it of my children (because I want this to become second nature to them when they are older) then I best require it of myself.

OH and I've been keeping with hanging up all of our clothes as they are done instead of stacking them on the chest at the foot of our bed and pulling from there to get dressed OR putting them away when they chest is full. Or Hunk "sighs" enough when he walks by it. Yes, I hear you doing this Hunk, even if you think I don't.... He doesn't say anything but if it bugs me.......I know it bugs him.

So my bed is made, my dishes are all loaded in the dishwasher (except for the hot bacon grease pan from breakfast) and all my clothes are put away. I'm off to the office.

Want to get there early so I can go into Momma mode when my Rugrats get done with their school day.

Ciao Bellas~

P.S. I've cooked dinner everyday this week too! I know it's only Wednesday but hey...I soooooooooo felt like ordering pizza and having Hunk pick it up on his way home last night..... Instead I made steak, potatoes and broccoli.

P.S.S. I haven't been ALL good....... I ate a Klondike bar yesterday! Don't think that will help with weigh loss......sigh.....


  1. OH MY GOSH! What are you on? I want some. I need some supernatural speed 'cause I'm so close to being done w/the sunroom - THISCLOSE - but not there yet. Today I made the vow to get the candles and candle holders put up (yes it is a BIG deal, I have TON)- I think I'll mail you some more now that you have room for them (heh heh heh). I also made the decision to make the bed every morning since we put up the new bed frame - it sure looks nice! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK - 'CAUSE IT'S PROMPTING ME TO DO THE SAME.

  2. Ummm - when I said supernatural speed, I didn't mean "drugs", I meant "moving quickly and swiftly" - thought I'd better clarify that.

  3. Klondike bars rule!!! I need to get more order in my life, you are inspiring me!!!

  4. Go Steph!! when you're done with all that energy please it on? great job!!