Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hunk was working out of town the other night so I had to get up and take my Rugrat son to the bus stop .......this is something Hunk normally does for me.....

I was a bit rushed to get him to his bus stop, come back and take my Rugrat daughters to theirs.

The window was fogged over. I turned on my defrost and slowly started backing up.

I noticed a folded paper blowing on the dash. I grabbed it and opened it to see what it was............still very slowly backing up....

I say "Oh, I need to remember to fill this out and give it the girls"... I set the paper down, press on the brakes and put it in drive........

I feel a "sinking" on my rear end.......well, not my rear end (I just realized how much I wish this line could read "I SEE a "shrinking" in my rear end"....).. but the rear end of my car.

Moral of the story, no matter how slow you are going, don't back up while looking at a paper......or this can happen....

Don't put it in 4 wheel drive but try to go before it engages...... or this will happen....

When it looks like this and your Hunk isn't home, it's time to call a friends Hunk and have him come pull you out........ Thank you Melissa's Hunk....

Thanks to Melissa's Hunk, I was able to get my Rugrat daughters to their bus on time but I had to drive my son to school....this did allow me to get a Starbucks coffee....

Could have been worse...... I could have continued to roll down into the lake and then I could be picking fish out of my car.... Thank goodness I didn't read the entire paper.....

After realizing what a bozo move this was these came to mind:

  • The lights are on but nobody is home.
  • One fry short of a happy meal.
  • One stick short of a package of gum
  • One card short of a deck
  • One donut short of a dozen
  • A couple of bananas short of a split.
  • A couple of bugs short of Windows '95.
  • A few bricks short of a Lego set.
  • A few candles short of a birthday cake.
  • A few cans short of a six-pack.
  • A few clowns short of a circus.
  • A flower short of the arrangement.
  • All foam, no beer.
  • Body by Fisher, brains by Mattel.
  • Bright as a two-watt bulb.
  • Doesn't have all his cornflakes in one box.

And the one that fits the best:

  • Engines running but no one's at the controls.

Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!!!......kinda cheesy but I mean it, so does that make it less cheesy? lol

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Oh my goodness I have SO done this - hahahaha! This post made me laugh out loud. Don't you just love life lessons???

  2. Thank you for laughing with me! Also for admitting you've done this....LOL Somehow makes me feel better!

    Sure do love life lessons. Just wish it happened when Hunk was home. I did think about starting Hunks tractor and trying to pull myself out but thought I might end up with a Suburban AND a tractor at the bottom of the lake.... espcially since I didn't even know how to start it..

  3. I am way beyond laughing! Good one! :)

  4. We've all been there. Good thing Hunk has probably done something just as bad. It all evens out.

  5. MidRae, we all have to laugh at ourselves sometimes don't we? LOL

    NC- Hunk has.....should I tell about the time he backed up into a ditch and it took 3 trucks to pull him out.... Nah, I better not! I couldn't throw my Hunk under the bus like that. (smile)

  6. I'm sorry, but that is SO hysterical. Like we haven't all done that - at least those of us who live near a drive way and a ditch! My driveway is a nightmare for most people - super deep ditches on either side and everyone backs out like they're reading a piece of paper (smile). I almost always stand in the driveway jumping up and down going, "No no no, STOP!"

  7. LBD- You made me crack up laughing. I sooooo have a visual of you jumping up and down and yelling "no, no, no, STOP!" trying to make sure your friends don't back into the ditch... I assure you if I was there you would be jumpin and yelling and we'd be laughing and I'd wreck.

    I'm certain it would probably be a good idea for me to wear depends, I just don't have the bladder control I once had.....

    Did I mention I have 4 Rugrats......this is my excuse for everything......LOL That and CHEMO BRAIN......anytime I forget I blame it on the past chemo treatments.....

    Whatever works.....LOL

  8. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! Your post really made me laugh. And btw...you do NOT look old enough to have a 19 year old!

    Enjoy your trip to Whole Foods and let me know how it goes! ;)

  9. colorhungry- I know we've only just met but based on your comment about my not looking old enough to have a 19 year old... I must say I love you and will you be my new best friend?! ha ha

    Thanks I will let you know about my Whole Foods trip! I'm excited just thinking about that smoked fish, I forgot about it!

  10. OMG! I hope you're OK!! Don't ya just hate it when things happen like that! You WERE lucky not to have gone down into the lake ... and it amazes me that you still made it to the girl's bus!!!!!! You go girl! You got lemons and you made Starbuck's!

  11. Hey, thanks for coming by JW's world. Your post is very funny. Glad your shrinking rear was discovered in time so you could take your kiddos to the bus stop AND AND get to Starbucks.

  12. Lawd. There is STILL a rubber mark on my driveway from when I had to back Handsome Hubby's Dodge Ram out of the lower garage up the hill. (it really is a challenging drive... 90 degree turn with a steep uphill pitch and a 12 ft. drop to the left). But I panicked and gunned it and the tires spun... smoke, burn, yuck. I feel your pain, sister.. .I feel your pain!

  13. ONLY YOU Steph! hahahahaha thats all I can say after witnessing the lawn tractor incident! HA HA HA HA YOU crack me up!

  14. ABSOLUTELY makes it less chessy!! GREAT post, LOl and smiling!!

  15. Cottage girl- I really did not think I would make it to the bus stop, we wont speak about how fast I may or may not have been driving down the dirt road.....no cows or deer were harmed so it wasn't TOO fast...An old man walking his dog did seem a bit startled though... sorry...

    JW- loved your site and love that you said "shrinking rear"...I can pretend online right?...OKAY I can't....it's NOT shrinking! sighhhh...

    lbtc- LOL LOL....so something I would do! Burn marks even.....see now you have a good story to tell all who visit!

    Lannette- I didn't pee my pants this time so lets give me some credit here......LOL

    Deanna- THANK YOU! so glad it was less cheesy! And that it made you laugh and smile! That is always a good thing to do! Even at my expense....it's ok, I won't hold it against you...(smile)

  16. Okay so Yeah, I have been there! Last year I simply backed out of the garage and completely hit our other car that was parked behind it in the driveway. I was so mad at myself! I wasn't even reading anything either! Don't ask me where my head was that day!

  17. I tell the guys, "If you want a vehicle stuck, I'm your man...er...woman".
    Been there!
    Maybe I should have told you about it. It could have saved your getting stuck.

  18. "Elevator doesn't go all the way to the top"

    Hadn't heard of several of the ones you listed. Your post gave me a laugh.

  19. i am so glad that you didn't end up in the water...and that you were able to stop at starbucks :)

  20. Oh, man! So glad your friend was able to help out. And hey, you wound up getting a coffee, right?

  21. Too funny! It's good to know I'm not the only one who has days like this.