Thursday, November 26, 2009


Look at my Hunk.......21 years ago.......and he still makes my knees go fact more and more so with each passing year...

Love you Hunk!

Ahhhhhhhh so young........and skinny......and young........and skinny.....

My daddy walking me down the isle........I love you daddy!

My Momma with me.... sorry I made you wear hot pink and was the 80's what can I say...... Love you Momma!

My Hunk and his Mom and Dad. His dad was such a funny man. He would give you the shirt off of his back and make you laugh while he did it. My Hunk is a lot like his dad..... We miss you Papa Chuck.....

Hunk with my whole fam-damily......ahhhhh look at my little sis.....I love you little sista'!

If only I had some friends....... then I could have had 20 bridesmaids.....of course 20 gals in pink may have permanently blinded you......but hot pink sounded perfect at the did 5,384 bridesmaids..or maybe it was only 5...... the hotpink makes it look like so many more....

Twenty-one years later.... I'm not so young......or so skinny.......or so young......or so skinny..... whatever....

Twenty-one years later....... My Hunk........sighhhhh........

Here is to another twenty-one years....... I love you Hunk......You are an amazing husband and father to our four Rugrats. The love you show to me and to our friends and family makes me fall deeper in love with you each day.

You are my rock and have proven to me you meant the vows you said to me twenty one years ago. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, you are right by my side.

Ok sappy stuff is over.......and besides I don't want Hunks head to explode..... not on our anniversary......not on might make us lose our appetite and frankly today is not a day to lose your appetite.....way too much food to eat.....

Hmmmmmm wonder why I'm not as skinny as 21 years ago....... could it be 21 Thanksgiving dinners?......ya whatever.......

Gobble, Gobble......and thanks so much for going through the trouble and making such huge meals today to celebrate our anniversary with us! ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and your time with loved ones.

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Congratulations on your 21st anniversary! It is a great time to look back ... What a beautiful wedding you had and you did look gorgeous. And you still look gorgeous today!!!
    Love the hot pink dresses!

  2. Well you may be not so skinny (like me) and not so young (like me), but you are still just as beautiful as those pictures show.
    You are a beautiful person inside and out and it shows.
    Happy Anniversary!
    And I hope you and your family had a very nice Thanksgiving!

  3. My eyes! My eyes!! I see you hated all your bridesmaids (smile) - oh my gosh that pink is - PINK!!! You & your hunk are just beautiful then and now. I see Hunk has the same look my Alpha Hubby gives me when I stick a camera in his face. It must be a man thang! Hunk's dad was a handsome man; shows you what Hunk will look like at that age (actually, beautiful parents on both sides, wow). That was so much fun, sharing your anniversary with you. CONGRATS AND HERE'S TO 21 MORE!!

  4. Totally why i'm never posting my first wedding pics. EMERALD Green. I feel for you, it all makes perfect sense when ur planning.

    Amazing how you grow and mature and my goodness u look like BABIES in those wedding photos. What were we all thinking getting married before we were 21????????

    Love you guys.

  5. Congatulations to you and your Hunk! It is amazing to look back then and look now 21 years later. God is good! You were beautiful then, and even more beautiful now. Blessings!

  6. Steph, I remember that beautiful wedding!! Pink and all! Ya'll look great..Then and now! Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Oh yes, I remember those pink dresses just like it was yesterday! They were as "hot" as you both are now. You both look great and I love you with all my heart!! Miss you!

  8. Happy Anniversary Steph and Steph's Hunk!

    I thought the wedding pics were cute and funny at the same time. But my honest opinion? I think you two look even better now. Wiser and with better hair. :D You are such a beautiful woman Steph, you are so much prettier now than in your skinny days. But that's just my humble opinion. Nothing got lost in those 21 years, you just got better and better, as far as I can tell!

  9. Thank you all soooooooooo much!! I really feel lucy and I am looking forward to the next 21 years and all they have to bring!

    Thanks so being there to share our life with!!

  10. I was at that PINK wedding cous and it and the both of you were BEAUTIFUL and HUNKY-LOL my poor bridesmaids HAD to wear yellow and to "top" it off I make them wear huge brimed hats!! hahahhah remember cuz YOU were in my wedding too! tendng the ole guestbook!! whoo hoo I couldnt post my pics all those girls would KILL me!! anyway, happy ann, to BOTH and glad you had time to get away too, we just got home from the mountains for Thanksgiving!! ahhhhhhhhh it was SO serene there, no cells, no shop but dang I forgot to pull that spark plug out of Chris bike LOL love you ALL!!

  11. Hello Stephanie, you left a sweet comment on my blog (that I have not updated in over a month, yikes) and I tried a couple of times to return the favor but for whatever reason i could not get it to post,,,my bad. But I appreciate your sharing your cancer story. My dear wonderful father-in-law that was like a father to me, passed away 3 yrs ago from lymphoma. And you learn, live, and love so much from the experience. It is hard to put into words. But you have done it so well and so honestly. Also thank you for sharing the love you have for your family when there is so much trash tossed about on the internet and really all around us today. Anyway I have gone on and on and really wanted to say that you must have gotten married when you were 15 because you barely look older than 35. And I should know because I see my 37 year old mug in the mirror each day. You both look great but even better than that you share the true meaning of love between you. God Bless You!

  12. Happy Anniversary Steph and Mike. You are all such a blessing!

  13. Forget skinny and young. I say that Wise and Beautiful will do just fine! Don't believe me? Then go ahead and ask your hunk...