Monday, November 2, 2009



Hunk is home and I'm trying to figure out which way is up!

I'm so excited to have him back home. Though he is sad to report Bambi did live another day. They weren't able to find a deer they felt was large enough to feel good about shooting. So no new meat in the freezer from this trip.....

Glad to report they had a great father son bonding time. This is the first time they have gone on a hunting trip together. I was excited for them to be able to spend this time together.

But now....... now it is nose to the grindstone baby. Back in the saddle again....... gotta go gotta go gotta go right now....... B- U- S- Y.......Busy!

As I pull my head out.............OF MY COMPUTER.......come on now people..... I know where your mind went!

Then I will post some photos of the Halloween party. I have to round them up because I was so busy with the approximately 30 children or so here that I didn't have time.

I was busy cooking, cleaning and trying to make sure the kids stayed in the patio area. Which of course a few kept trying to leave. With the lake and all the vehicles dropping off and picking up I was a real stickler about staying in the "party area".

Everyone seemed to have a blast! Some of my friends stayed and hung out for the party, (I had Bloody Mary's for the adults) others stayed for a while and then left. Some dropped children off and went to town for a "date night".

I do have to say I NEVER EVER EVER could have pulled it off without the help of my good friends and my sons girlfriend. There was some much decorating and cooking to do. Whew.

My friends ROCK! I am sooooooooooooo lucky!

Haven't you just ever sat back and said WOWZA, really? I'm really lucky enough to have great friends like this? Friends who are pounding stakes into the ground when you aren't even back home yet? Friends helping you stretch plastic until after 10 o'clock at night while our kids should have been in bed. Friends who showed up at 8:00am and started decorating and cooking with me.......staying all day. Another great friend running to town for me to return a defective animated decoration I bought, plus bringing over half her garage (ladder, hammer, nails, power strips, extension cords!) OH MY GOSH!

I'm really soooooooooo lucky!

So NOW......NOW I'm trying to see if I have any date open for a PRE-Thanksgiving dinner. And I'm inviting those friends and their Hunks to come over for a nice dinner..........

I also have started the planning of my Christmas Cocktail party. Cocktail attire, etc. Yep, even us California country bumkins need to dress up once and a while! Too bad the directions have to say "Turn left on the DIRT ROAD". Maybe I should have someone waiting outside the door to dust the dirt off of all the black pumps!

I have a board meeting tonight (and it's my night to run it) and I still have a few more office thingy ma bobber stuff ironies to finish up.......

BUT I MISS YOU I had to update on my absence!

Tomorrow I may be able to update. All I have is just have an Arbonne party to attend, a hair appointment, banking, shopping for jazz shoes, 2 bald caps, a baby shower gift, soccer snacks .......OH and I have to drive my son and his friend to the high school (30 minute drive) at 5am tomorrow for a field trip to a college here in California...... and pick up from dance practice at 7:00pm......

YA, I should have time to squeeze in an update.............BA HA HA BAH HA........YA......

I just wont sleep. It's soooooooooooooo overrated...... All moms know this!

Have a great night!

Miss you all!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Yes, you are lucky and busy!
    Pace yourself!!!!
    And get some sleep!

  2. Reading that made my head spin!
    Friends are the glad you have them to help you. It sounds like you love throwing the big party, though. :) That is a real gift, you know.

  3. Geez!! you are making me tired just reading your to do list. Get some rest sissy!!!

  4. I'm tired just reading about it. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well!

  5. I got most of my "aftermath" halloween party photo's uploaded, I'll try posting it this evening. I'm still waiting on "Party" photo's from friends.... I'll keep ya posted.

    Off to Arbonne party now......have a great day!

  6. Hey that Halloween Party was a blast. If anyone knows how to through a party it's You....WAYYYYYYY to much fun.