Thursday, November 12, 2009


Do you see what I see?????..........

Keep looking.......if you look really close you can spot them.....

Do you see them now?????

Lots of them in sight now.........

Going downnnnnnnnnnnn.......

Squawking all the way.........I love to listen to them.......

And watch them........

It's one of my favorite things to do!..........Yes, I am that easily pleased...

It's the little things in life, right?

Unless you get pooped on by them..........sadly this has happened to me before....shock and awe moment.

Fortunately, it didn't happen to me the way it happened to my dad.......right into his food after waiting in a long line at a company picnic...

I was young at that picnic but I still remember the poo landing in my dad's food....

I guess it's like my Rugrat sons still remembering me slipping on the banana peel......

Ciao Bellas~


  1. I also remember it happening to Dad right after he got ready for work one morning. He was all dressed in his starched white dress shirt and went in the backyard for something and bam!! one got him right on the front of his shirt. Poor guy! :-) Funny the things that stick with you from your childhood.

  2. I LOVE watching the "honkers" too! Even if I'm in the house, and I hear them coming,I run outside to see them. They are beautiful!
    Thanks for the pictures~

  3. Such beautiful pictures! Love the colors. You have the perfect spot!!! Do you remember our camping trip with our families? Remember when your Hunk bought me the hat with the seagull poo on it? Because before you guys had arrived, a segull pooed on my head and and he thought the hat would be appropriate!LOL LOL I'm a target

  4. Oh SO pretty! I love to watch birds this time of year.

  5. Hubby and I have a 'thing' with watching ducks and geese! I ran (okay, I walked Fast....not actually ran!) down a jetty in Vancouver....or wait, I think Squamish.....oh I can't remember...somewhere in between there, {faux} running to take some pics of what I kept calling 'ducks' on our honeymoon about a decade ago. Only Hubby kept yelling out "Loon!" I thought he was calling me a "Loon", as in "Looney!" So, I just kept bantering with him. Now, everywhere I go, if there are ducks, geese, or Loons, I have to get a pic and a look!

  6. Oh no, in his food. That had to be disappointing. AND FUNNY!!
    You can hear them coming usually long before you can see them. I always stop and watch them fly over.

  7. Great shots, I should appreciate geese more, but I don't, thanks for opening my eyes to beauty!

  8. LOL! I forgot about Dad and the poo on his white shirt..... poor Daddy...

    Sharon I also forgot about Hunk buying you that hat....... That's my Hunk....always and forever the jokester.

    Karen I'm so glad your hubby wasn't calling you a Loon on your honeymoon! LOL LOL.... Cute story!

    Deanna, enjoy the beauty just watch out for the falling white stuff.... ;)