Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The aftermath of the Halloween Party!!

I'm working on during photos from friends but I was so busy before and during the party I didn't even pull out my camera. sniff......sniff....

I do believe it was a success I've had friends suggest I RE-DO the party again so I can take photos.

The first of many decorations to be placed was the enter if you dare flag.

I don't know exactly how many children there were, but around 30 would be a safe guess.

Why on earth would I subject myself to doing all this while Hunk is gone?

Aside from having help from amazing friends..............

Because my Rugrat asked ......OKAY "begged"me to..... and how can I tell my sweet little Rugrat no?

Her little rugrat eyes are hypnotizing......."Look into my eyes Momma...directly into my eyes.......You want me to have a big Halloween Party and invite all my friends"

and of course I reply "Sure, I do, I'll do anything for you Rugrats"....well almost..

The front door. The spider web to the right lights up, it is sooooooo cool!

The witch turns her head back and forth all the time and a motion detector makes her cackle and talk. Her eyes also light up red..... She was fun.
The box on the ground is a low lying fog machine, that was fun until the kids thought it would be a good idea to stick their face up on it and try to EAT the fog...........silly boys!
The scarecrow in the flower bed lights up and then in the tree are three pairs of flashing eyes......they looked very cool when it was dark.

This was the party eating area. Notice the heat lamp, many (including my adult friends) where hanging out around there part of the night..........

All the black plastic. My friend came over and had almost all the posts for this already put in the ground by the time I got home from shopping for more decorations and food in town.

The skeleton moves and talks and so do the skull heads to the right. Lights flash on them and it plays scary music

He was creepy!
The light at the bottom of his fee was a "THUNDER light". It made the sound of thunder and flashed like thunder. I'm really stumped at how they come up with "Thunder light" as a name of this box.....I don't get it? Do you? hmmmmmmm
The little rock lit up and yelled for them to stop, etc....... And the cat lit up as well.

This was our entrance. I wanted a scary witch at the beginning with a tray full of candy! It doesn't look so scary during the day.....

There is the lovely witch. One of the boys decided she was his girlfriend and kept hanging out with her. Putting his arm around her and taking photos. It was too funny...... Every time he would touch her she would start her spooky witch talk and move her head.

Isn't she a lovely girlfriend to have? Notice all her candy is gone...... SHOCK.....

This was the dance room! Once the kids entered they felt since nobody could see them, nobody could HEAR them....... They were screaming......I mean singing songs together and dancing. Was fun to listen to them!

The grave yard outside the dance room....

The "graveyard guy" was sound activated and he rose up out of the grave and talked.
He was spooky. And lets just say placing a sound activated feature outside a "dance room" was not the smartest idea I've ever had. He got a work out!

Entrance to the dance room........

The cob webs were strung all across the tops, but somehow, can't imagine how it was pulled down......
The writing on the walls are glow in the dark and we had a black light as well as a strobe light.....

We put these big spiders in the peaks and enclosed them with the cobwebs...

We also took all the kids for a walk to our meadow. They seemed to really enjoy this. I was planning to scare them. My teenage Rugrat had friends over and they jumped out on the way back down to the house.

When we were in the meadow my daughter wanted me to show them where my oldest Rugrat's dog was buried. My Hunk had dug him down deep and then covered him up and placed a cross on his grave. He is placed under a huge oak tree.

When I took the children over there and started looking for the grave I noticed it had all been dug up! I was like OMGOSH! something dug it up! I immediately started saying that we dug him down deep so I don't think it got to him but they could see whatever it was that dug him up.........coyotes, mountain lion, bob cats...I have no idea.......dug down deep.

Apparently this was a memorable moment for a few of the kids because when I saw a few parents they were laughing and telling me how their son or daughter thought this was real. And they explained to them it was part of "the walk" to scare them......

I had to explain it was NOT....... ughhhhhhhhhhhhh........ that was sad.....if i had known I would NOT have gone to visit the grave of poor little Brewser.........
Now you've seen the AFTERMATH. Sorry there are no during!

It's Hump day........weeks already half over..........time flies whey you are playing catch up!

I do hope Hump Day isn't just a California term.......and you all know that is slang for Wednesday......not an actual day to........well, you know......OK, never mind.........I'll leave it alone......

Ciao Bellas~


  1. WOWZERS - that is GREAT! Looks wonderful and sounds like a great party!!!

  2. You did an amazing job!! All the kids must have been thrilled. Is that your back yard? Awesome, how cool to have hills like that. Everything is flat here in Florida.
    We also use the term Hump Day!! LOL

  3. Wow, that looks like fun!!
    Love the decorations, especially the witch.
    I wanna come to the next one!
    Oh, and we call Wednesday, hump day, on the East Coast, too.

  4. You are such a good mom I just hope I can be as good of mom as you are when just get's older. Love you cuz

  5. Wow! what fun! Wish I was there for the Halloween party. Oh, I know exactly what"hump day" is. I always say that. LOL

  6. I'm worn out just reading about all that!! You are one busy woman. You mentioned that soccer is still going and wrestling has begun...I'm so glad to be done with it for a while. Whew!
    I hope you get some rest in between all your craziness. :)

  7. ♥ Dang!!! That's a ton of work! Looks great! you're such a nice mom I would have said no way... :)

  8. That sure looks like Coarsegold or that area? Close?