Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Since I flaked and didn't have or take a moment to pull out my camera one of the moms who did sent me photos.... (thank you!!)

This is the my rugrat and her friends in the "dance tent". They LOVED hanging out in here.

I think they thought we couldn't hear them because they couldn't see us. Some great singing was going on......

And some dancing........ think she was surprised a parent walked into the tent..goofball..lol

They all decided to play "Dare or Dare" .....instead of "Truth or Dare"...

This ended up being stopped by......ME...lol..

Two of my Rugrats friends........Aren't they too cute?.....Sweetie pies, love them!

Awwww....... This was so much fun!

Look at this group of Cutie girls!

Not sure where the boys were at this point.... possibly at the food table......or hanging out next to the witch....one of the boys claimed she was his girlfriend....in fact two of the boys were "talking" to her about who she loved more.....soooooooo funny!

Said I'd share when I got some photos. I didn't receive any of the outside, but the tent was the hot spot.....

Now we march on to Turkey Day! Which happens to also be our 21st wedding anniversary!

I think I'll go all out for Hunk this year. No holding back.....I'm going to invite lots of family over and make a huge turkey and ham dinner to celebrate........

I'm just thoughtful like that, what can I say?......wink, wink

Ciao Bellas~


  1. They are so beautiful - growin up too fast! Enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Adorable punks! Looks like a great time!

  3. Hi there! Thanks for the follow! I wish I had known about your giveaway for Rachel Ray, I love her stuff!
    Good luck with my giveaway!
    Cute pics of Halloween and good luck cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I've never had to in my life and hope I never do!

  4. They did have a great time!

    Thanks for the compliments on the Rugrats! They had a blast and so did I. I will give myself extra planning time next year though. lol

    Aw, sorry you missed the giveaway "eight helping hands". Next time..... ;)

    Have a great day my friends!!

    Ciao Bellas~

  5. Hello Momma! Thank you for visiting my site and I wanted to say that those images of cows in your yard is plenty familiar to me too. The kids party you threw looks awesome. I have tried to throw a "dance party" for my girls but I think the idea of having a semi-private dance space versus the whole driveway (even tho' we live in the country away from peering eyes) open to all is far more enticing. Happy blogging!

  6. Cute rugrats! I can tell they were having a blast. How dare someone enter the rugrat dance tent, unanounced. Don't ya'll know that's a private party. Rugrats only! tee hee

  7. That was an awesome party, one the kids will remember forever! I can't wait for next year. Thriller rehearsals begin Sept. 1st, be there.

  8. Now I have the thriller song stuck in my head..... that coupled with the fact that I went and saw the Michael jackson show on Wednesday..has me wanting to get up and walk with my hands like claws.... yes, I know....I'll step off my box now...