Thursday, October 9, 2008


How many of you have multiple children and those precious children leave thier towels on the ground after bathing?? I know most of our children are perfect little angels who do everything they are asked to do but occasionally our precious babies "forget they did something".

Now you know it's your children who left the towels on the ground but when you ask whose towel it is it...... Well, lets say it becomes clear that it wasn't your children afterall. No it was dundanannaaaaaaaaa "Mr. Nobody". Mr. Nobody has visited our home way too often. As the CEO of my household (lol) I've decided that I need to work hard to limit his visits.

Problem: Mr. Nobody's towel left on the ground after bath time.

Solution: Each child picks out thier favorite color. You purchase a couple towels in each of the colors they chose. You explain to them that when they take a shower/bath they are to make sure they use thier color of towel. Now when "Mr. Nobody" decides to leave a towel on the bathroom or bedroom floor you can easily tell by the color of the towel exactly who Mr. Nobody is.

Hope this helps!

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