Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My day

So the potatoes with spinach dip and some artichoke hearts and cheese was good! I wouldn't say I'd enter it in a contest but we all liked it. Yeah!

Tonight I need to make something quick and easy because we are all going to a Halloween place called Hobbs Ranch and we want to get there pretty early (like 6ish) and it's about an hour drive from here so we'll have to leave 5ish. Hopefully this will work with Mike and Kyle's work schedule. Not sure what time they will be done working today. But 6ish is our goal.

Might do some cheese and roast beef quesadillas.(sp) They are easy to grab and take with us, if Mike and Kyle have to meet us in town, I can keep that warm in foil for them, and they can eat it on the way. It is soooooooooo expensive to eat there!

Some good friends from our bible study class are trying to get us a free tickets. Her husband works for a TV station so he is pretty sure he can get us some tickets this morning. FINGERS crossed.

I'm taking the kids to the pumpkin patch and corn field maze either today during the day or tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I have a Princess House party in town and Mike leaves for hunting in Idaho tomorrow.

I'm thinking of letting the kids have some friends over on Friday night or Saturday afternoon. I'm thinking of letting the girls invite friends over and make Halloween cookies and let Kevin (and Kyle if he wants) have a few friends over and BBQ. It is a bit too cold to swim in the lake now but they can hang out and find something to do. In fact they should have a few friends over and set up tents and camp out on our property somewhere. We could even do a little bon fire here close to the house and roast marshmallows and they can hang out there and talk. I'm going to have to think this thru. Mike wont be here...maybe I should wait for him to get back for that. I don't know.... I'm rambling now.

Have a great day!

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