Sunday, October 26, 2008


Wow! It took me forever to get it to work but I finally got my music up on my blog! Wooo HOO.. yippeee... Very excited, if ya couldn't tell. LOL

Today was a pretty good day. I worked on seeding pomegranates so I can get the juice and make jelly. That time of year again already! I can't believe it is almost NOVEMBER! This year has gone by so quickly. Halloween next week, then Turkey Day and BAM it will be Christmas.. (My favorite Holiday)

The kids go back to school tomorrow, they have been off for a week. This week flew by too! They stayed a couple days at my cousins house and had a great time.

Well, Kevin is at Youth Group and it is over in about 10 minutes, I better go get him. Have a great night. I'll post again soon.

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