Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flu Time!

Tis the season. To be scarry? To gobble? To be Jolly? Well.......all those sound great, but in our house it is the season to be sick.

I had the flu about two weeks ago. The end of last week my oldest son (18 years) came down with it. And yesterday my daughter (10 years old) called me to come get her from school because she has it. I spent most of my day yesterday nursing her and doing loads and loads of laundry inbetween.

When my oldest son got home from work he informed me that he thinks he still has the flu. He said his stomach is cramping off and on and he has other more serious symptoms. I'm like "OKAY, this is information I NEED before three days have gone past PLEASE". So this morning, while babying my daughter, I'm waiting for the doctors office to open so I can call him about my son.

It is double hand washing duty around here and I'll be washing our bedding daily as well.

Saying a prayer that my son is ok, my daughter gets well soon, my other daughter (9 years) doesn't get it and my other son (15 years) doesn't get it!

I'll keep you all posted.

Happy Haunting!

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