Monday, October 20, 2008

20+ day Meal Plan

I went through my cabinets and I thought I'd post my Meal plan that I have so far

Meat loaf, salad and mashed potatoes
Hamburger gravy over potatoes or biscuits
Chili Beans, corn bread and fried potatoes
Mooseghetti (spaghetti), bread and green beans
Enchilada's, salad, beans and rice
Stew, bread
Vegi Soup and bread
Chili dogs, pretzels
Beef (moose) and Bean burritos, rice
Chili Verdi, beans and rice
BBQ (moose) sandwich
Roast, potatoes and vegi
Steaks (deer) potato, vegi
Hamburgers, mac-n-cheese
Sloppy Joe's, vegi
Goulash, vegi
Chicken, pilaf, vegi
Chicken noodle soup

I plan to rotate these dishes along with doing a breakfast night...Chocolate gravy and biscuits, Pancakes and sausage, etc. once a week (my kids are very excited about this) and doing a left over night once a week, or when we are able.

Hope this gives some ideas.........Wish me luck!


  1. I know you posted this a very long time ago but you can tell I'm reading. I so wish I could do this, just go though the cupboards and make up dinners. That is one of the "lists" I want to work on.
    Thanks for sharing. Gotta read a bit more, take care and God Bless!!!

  2. Hi Julie! I have so many "lists" I'm working on but this one really did make me feel good. In fact I need to do it again. maybe I should make it a "challenge" to everyone to try to join in and do. It can save so much $ not wasting and buying and REbuying (because things ruined). Not that I would know anything about this. HA..ya right.

    I think encouraging each other is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other.

    God Bless you too and thank you so much for taking the time to stop bye and visit. Now if I can just figure out how to pass a cup of coffee thru the computer!