Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin patch

We went to the pumpkin patch and Cornfield Maze. Below are a few photo's. The kids had fun but there was hardly anyone there. It was crazy how slow they were. A friend of ours got us tickets. The girls picked out pumpkins and we went through the cornfield maze. There were animals to look at and a little playground area.

Katie and Kevin looking at the minature horses.
Katie liked to read about the animals and especially thier names.

They were sooooo friendly. It was really cute.

Isn't this different! Looks like he has his halloween mask on. Really neat.

I really liked this little guy. He had these feathers off of his feet and just really pretty.

Kevin was putting a leaf up to get them to come over to him. They came right over as soon as they saw what they thought was food. They were really cute. I wish we had real food for them.

Kayla peeking around the post looking at the Peacock. It was sooooo colorful.

Katie and her pumpkin checking out the Peacock.

Katie put her hair thru the hole because she wanted to act like it was her beard. She was really cracking herself up!

Kevin had to lift Kayla up so she could reach to put her face in the hole.

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