Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday's Soccer Games

It was a busy day today. Here are some photos of Kayla and Katie's first soccer games along with today's photo's of Kayla's 2nd game. She was more aggresive this time instead of being so polite and allowing everyone to go ahead with the ball. She didn't want to cut them off or anything. It was too funny. Today she went for it a little more. She was chasing the ball and taking it and heading towards the goal. They all did great teamwork. It was lots of fun! They won (again)! YEAH! They were so excited, high fiving each other on the field. It was too cute.

This was Kayla's very first soccer game! She was so excited to play. This was her kicking the ball in from the side lines for her team.

Katie was watching Kayla's game......waiting for her game to start. I had to leave because I had a Princess House party I had to go do and I couldn't stay for her game. I took this photo before I left. She didn't have a game today, so I'll have more pictures of her next weekend.

This was today's game of Kayla going in for a goal. She didn't make it, in fact she ended up knocked to the ground in this play but she tried her best.

This is the shot of Kayla right before she went down. lol

You can't see much in this shot because I zoomed in on her, they were right by me near the sidelines. The ball was coming towards her but I was too close to get a good shot, I put this one on my blog because you can see her so well. =)

After the game today we came home for a bit and then the girls and I headed to dinner and movie. It was two other mom's and myself. We had 11 kids with us! The kids had a blast and so did we. We saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was so funny. I had to laugh. Here we are sitting there watching these dogs TALKING to each other and when this one part comes up where a pack of chihuahua dogs come together to save these other two dogs and they all start barking and save the day..... my friend says LOL "This is not realistic" YA THINK. LOL She is such a crack up. I'm like "Ya, the dogs talking, that I can buy, but when dogs start running in packs and barking, I mean come on, we must draw the line there" What a crack up. She is such a bust. I'm not sure who had more fun us or the kids.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a great night!

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