Monday, October 27, 2008

Last nights projects

Well, I was up until after midnight last night working on the projects for today. Yesterday was so slammed with soccer, Kevin's hair cut, picking up Kevin's wrestling shoes, picking up the girls costumes and family dinner night.......... I was going non stop. Below are some photos of what we worked on. I was really missing my big kitchen when we were baking (I told Mike I was missing my counter space and double ovens and he said we can move back if you want, it's just sitting there..... I said NAH the barn house is fine, I'll deal with the one oven for now, for the view. LOL)

K, so in this photo it looks like a big turkey leg (LOL) but this is Katie.uhumm I mean Bam Bam's Bat. It was white with skulls on it which gives it that bumpy look but Katie didn't want the skulls so she had me get her brown paint and she painted it up herself.
We moved the decorating project to the kitchen table. They had frosted most of these and we had 48 more baking in the oven.

The girls are separating the twizzler into strings and breaking them in to LEGS.

The finished product. Not exactly what we were looking for because they are supposed to have black frosting but I got this spray frosting stuff and it said black but turned out more of a gray color. My cousin had made these in the past and Katie remembered it and told me everything I need to pick up for her.

These are trays of the cupcakes.... I mean SPIDERS.

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