Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is my new coffee cup. I think the saying on it is perfect!!

It's been such a crazy busy week that I've had a hard time keeping up. I've also had plenty of occasion to jingle that little bell on my coffee cup. I have tried to keep it to a minimum, I don't want to get carpal tunnel from shaking it so hard and so often... Can that happen? Hmmmmm

So my morning starts out with heading straight to this beauty and pushing that little button TWICE........ push it once and you come back to NO coffee..... I am not saying I have or haven't done that, I'm just sayin'....... TWICE......

My new creamer of choice. HO! HO! HO! Peppermint Mocha..... I know it's bad for me, I know it's awful for me, I know I shouldn't have it......but.......sighhhhhhhhh...... I NEED IT.....

And in the winter this is where I sit in the morning to drink my coffee..... only with the flash on it looks bright, it's actually not......the rugrats are still sleeping and I'm sitting in the dark by the glow of the fire planning my attack on the day ahead of me....

This is no flash..... this is dark......this is relaxing......this is ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......

But this morning I also see this......... What is it? This is the glow of my Hunks "Christmas Story Leg Lamp". Christmas decoration yes? Will Hunk leave it up at the bar year round? Most likely.....

Has he rubbed on the leg and then acted shocked that anyone saw him? YES. He is a dorko like that........that's why we are meant to be..... wink.....

Anyone who knows Hunk knows he is a HUGE "Christmas Story" Movie fan. When it is on 24 hours straight, he does his best to lay on the sofa and sleep and wake up and watch, and sleep and wake up and watch and sleep...... It's HIS TIME..... He LOVES it...... He is known for it.

He has a Christmas Story stocking, we OF COURSE have the movie, the rugrats want to buy him the board game.......So the LEG...... That was a gift from me for our Anniversary........

Now every morning I have the glow of "The Leg".......

But this! This cup...... This is MY leg......I can shake it if I get irritated with someone on the phone and they wont even know what the noise means.....

But because I love it so much I want one of you to have one too! I want to know that someone else, someone I care about, someone who would enjoy it as much as me....... is out there ringing their bell. I say we call each other up and ring the bells together......

Ring it in the drop off line at school, ring it at the mother of a child who behaves like SHE is the child, ring it at your electric bill...........but MOSTLY, ring it for a smile and a laugh....

So to enter just leave me a comment on this post and tell me what you like to do in the morning.....

Contest ends on Saturday at 12pm pacific standard time.

Good luck!!!

Jingle......Jingle.......... Jingle........ SMILE....I would never jingle my bell at you!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Okay, first of all - that rocking chair in front of the fire? Wow. That looks so cozy and amazing and with a cup of coffee too? Oh man - HEAVEN.

    Okay - now to your question: what do I like to do in the morning. Well - I LIKE to make coffee and I LIKE to do my hair and I LIKE to put together a nice outfit...however, often these three things don't totally all come together at the same time. It's all the snooze button's fault.

  2. I love that you get coffee in the morning and just sit by the glow of the fire ... or the leg! that is sooooo funny!

    My morning routine ... kiss hubby, take out dog, make the bed, check the emails and blogs and weather. By now ... It's usually 15 minutes later than I thought it would be! .... Shower/hair/breakfast/makeup/outfit ... say G-Bye to the dog/kiss hubby and tell him that I love him ... Out the door. i'd love to say that I ran 3 miles before the shower, but that's not happening!

  3. What I like to do....is sit by the fire in a rocking chair and jingle a mug full of hot cocoa.
    But what I do is no where near that. No time. I just hit the floor running.

  4. I love to get the morning paper and my cup of orange cappucino coffee and sit and read every page of the newspaper. That doesn't usually happen until Saturday morning though. To crazy during the week with trying to get out the door to work.

  5. Love it!! My mornings consist of getting kiddo #2 off to school and then logging on to sheck on facebook and the blogs I follow. It has become my morning read instead of a newspaper.

  6. I *like* getting up early, spending time in prayer to set the day, then enjoying that cuppa tea or joe in my rocking chair in my sunroom or dining room gazing out the window(s) before calmly going about my day. What usually happens is I wake up, hit that snooze button at least 2 times, talk to God while working on waking up, get that cuppa then head for the computer to do some work (unless there are pressing issues clamoring for my attention such as laundry or dishes).

  7. Wait, wait. We were supposed to be honest, right!? What I LIKE to do is hop up out of bed, grab my coffee with REAL cream and head to the comptuer to read the blogs I follow which are linked to my Yahoo home page so I can quickly check to see who has updated! Whew. I feel better. That heaviness above was weighing on me!!

  8. I love to put a little cinnamon in with my coffee grounds, press the magic green button to bring it all to life, then head back to bed; coffee in hand (on weekends of course when I don't work)to snuggle with hubby and our two loveable labs until the the coffee runs out or the temp in my bedroom gets above freezing ;)

  9. So get this, my husband also loves 'The Christmas Story' movie. Like your Hunk he will also watch it exactly the same way, only upstairs and in our bed. Have a great Christmas.

  10. Wow, what a lovely and peaceful morning...

    I like to wake up a few minutes early and settle at my desk with my laptop and a cup of hot chocolate and a sweet kitty on my lap. I check my email, check a few of my favorite blogs, and then go off to get ready. Not even morning goes so smoothly - sometimes I'm running late, things get shoved aside or rushed through but there's nothing quite so lovely as being able to take my time.

  11. We HAVE the same exact lamp!!! I am lmao, I just took it out to display for christmas, oh my lord, I thought we were the only one in the world that had it!!! Great minds think alike!!

  12. Wow, that is one cozy looking fireplace and rocking-chair you've got there. I have to get a rocking-chair when I grow up (i.e. when I earn enough money to have a flat with more than, umm... one room). My grandma used to have one and I loved it so much as a kid.
    I like my winter mornings best when I can get up and it is already bright outside. Nothing depresses me more than having to get up while it's still dark. I like to have a nice breakfast, but I'll be honest: that only happens when I'm at my parents'. I like the time under the shower when I think about what I'll wear and I like the ten minutes I take to pretty up my face (as much as that is possible, mmmkay?). Gives me a feeling of being prepared to face the world, it's my war-paint. I also really, really like brushing my teeth. And then, finally, before walking out the door, I like picking the purse of the day. Because I'm girly-girl like that.

    Btw, LOVE that mug. I have a variety of mugs (mugs are easily the best piece of crockery there is) and this one kills me, it's so cute and funny.

  13. What I would like to do in the morning? hmmmmm every morning is different-What I would LOVE to do is stay in jams with a warm drink after I put kiddies on the bus, check blogs, emails, Facebook, answer any of the above, but.........THAT isn't realistic LOL I usually put grubbies on, get kiddies on the bus, if I stay home, its office work, housework, laundry, BORING stuff, or...go to gym, do water aerobics and run errands. Each day brings a new "challenge" some better then others! HA But winter/holiday time is my favorite time of the year and I LOVE to bake so if given the choice it would be, sweats, warm drink in the cutsie cup and be one with my oven!!ahhhhhh also with my woodstove blazing like it is right now! LOVE this time of year.

  14. I do love the cup, but since I won the wonderful pumpkins (thank you very much) I don't want to be entered in the contest.

    My morning is much like yours. I have my coffee by the fire while watching out the window for the early birds to come to the feeders. However, I do not like flavored coffee or flavored creamer...just coffee and skim milk.

  15. Early mornings are my favorite! Hot cup of coffee, sitting on the sofa, looking out the window at the beauty of the tall pines and watching the sun's morning glow.

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  17. Okay now you know I need that cup!!! If I don't win it I want to know where you found it. So cute!!

    Oh and I love the Christmas leg. It's so perfect for your hunk.

    I hope you have less jingles today than yesterday. ;-)

  18. Lots of coffee and respond to emails.

    Thank cup is adorable! Love the saying on it. And tell hunk...I went to the grade school Ralphie did. lol