Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm sitting in the dark drinking my coffee. My rugrat son is in the shower getting ready for school, my Rugrat daughters are sleeping. I thought I'd write to you all in the few moments I have left of "peace" before the morning truly begins.

Hunk left today and will be gone out of town ALL WEEK. They are installing a new tower on an Air Force Base this week.

Every time time Hunk goes out of town I try to do something around here to surprise him. I take on a project. A project in the middle of me being busier than ever without Hunks help. Why do I always do this? Hunk helps me with getting the rugrats to school in the morning. He usually helps with picking up my Rugrat son from wrestling practice in the evenings. In addition I have extra duties with our business when he is gone. And this is the time I try to take on an additional project.

So I sit here, in the dark, typing to you as I ponder what a good project will be. Should I...... deep clean our closet, should I try to lose 50 pounds in 5, should I pull out the ladder and try to hang our outdoor Christmas lights?.....should I haul down more firewood and stack it near the house....I'm so not risking losing a limb and using his log splitter...., Should I deep clean my kitchen.....hmmmmmm......... Or should I do all my Christmas baking a bake all my goodies?

I'll keep you posted. I did make some wonderful meatball soup and a pie that made me want to sit and eat the whole thing in one serving...... It was a mixed berry pie......... My little wrestling Rugrat won 1st place at the tournament again this weekend, so I made him a pie. His coaches probably wish I would reward him with some carrots and the whole family going for a jog together instead of food, after he worked so hard to stay in the proper weight class all week.....and my word of the year.....whatever......

OH, we went and saw the movie 2012 yesterday. It was long, a bit far fetched with the ability to maneuver around flying and falling objects but overall pretty good. It was a fun time. Hunk had to go get things ready at our shop for leaving today and I took both our rugrat daughters, and both our rugrat sons and their girlfriends down to town. We started out by eating lunch at Famous Dave's. Which is a really yummy rib house. Then we went to the movies and then back home for some homemade tamales that my Momma and Daddy made with their friends this weekend.

The Rugrat boys and Hunk popped in Rush Hour 3 and my daughters went to bed.

I have lots of new photos to post from a fun girls night out party I went to on Friday to a photo of my Rugrat with his Gold Medal from Saturday......OH and a couple photos of snapped on my lil Rugrat after her soccer game in the POURING rain on Saturday......MUD ALL OVER HER FACE.....

It's been so busy around here with the Holidays and everyone wanting tower work done up on the mountain tops before the snow hits anymore than it already has.

Have a great day friends....... I'm busy today running rugrats and getting all my accounts reconciled for my accountant..... Can you say "OH THE JOY OF TAXES".......sniff......sniff.....

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Hope you had a good day and got some things accomplished. I would think hauling down some wood and stacking would be enough of a project this time, but if you live where it is extremely cold, then forget it, unless you like being out in the cold. I would get all the rug rats involved in that wood hauling project. Then I would do some baking, but not a lot. Just make sure you save some for Hunk when he gets home

  2. You are one busy Momma!!!! Those kiddos keep you running ... which is great!
    Don't you hate days where nothing is planned and it's up to you to figure out how to wisely spend the time. Lately when faced with a day like that ... I put on my cozy robe and sit at the computer or watch an old movie! VERY productive!!

  3. The BEST project you can take on for Hunk is to relax and be rested when he gets home! Take the time for YOU. Of course after reading 'A Day in the Life of..." I realized how near impossible that is - but still... one can dream!

  4. I vote for getting enough wood for a few days, staying in jams and BAKING while watching Christmas movies!! and yes I do know the JOY OF TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT anything I even want to entertain yet, I HAVE to do a few office things tomorrow but I do plan on baking too. Hope I can find a happy medium there somewhere-and congrats to Kevin AGAIN! WOW-amazing-the pie was WELL worth it, does he like "carrot" cake? hahahahah-love ya cous!

  5. Congrats to your Rugrat that took 1st place, and please a picture of that pie - sounds YUMMY!!!!!!!

  6. Sounds like you definitely have a lot going on over there on the other coast. Good luck getting it all done and those taxes too.
    Are you sure you want to add to that list? Well, if you do, GOOD LUCK!
    And congratulations to the Rugrat!
    Can't wait to see the pics.