Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have been sick with the flu. My girl rugrats stayed over with my parents for 3 days, in fact one of them is still there. The other is a Mommas Girl and wanted to come home. Of course she and Hunk have been out riding quads all over the countryside today.

Christmas day was at my parents. I got up, took a shower, Hunk drove us over there, we all opened gifts and I went and laid down in my Moms bed for the rest of the day. I got up a few times, I wanted so much to visit with everyone.

My Aunt made her wonderful cream cheese ball with crackers and I couldn't even bring myself to try a single bite. Turkey, Ham, you name, it was there. As always, there is NEVER a shortage of food around our homes when we have get -togethers.

We went home and I slept some more.... multiple trips back and forth to the bathroom.......TMI (too much information) I know......sorry........ and I realize I'm dehydrated. I can't tolerate anything on my stomach so I go for sucking on ice cubes.

Last night I decided I wanted to try some soup. I wanted vegetable beef soup with barley. So Hunk went to the market and bought some for me, dropped it back off here for my rugrat son and his friends to make for me and then left to go pick up our rugrat daughter from my parents and deliver some firewood to some friends of ours.

There is knock on my door and it is three 17 year old boys. They carry in a plate with my bowl of soup on it. The plate has crackers fanned out around the bowl and tangerines fanned out on the left and right side of the bowl also. Another one of these sweet boys is carrying a fresh glass of ICE...... They hand it to me worried they didn't get it hot enough and asking if there is anything else they can get me. My heart melted...... These boys are the rough tough rugrats who have the POW WOW's out in our meadow each month. They also are all wrestlers. And yet when Momma is sick, they turn into sweet little men, willing to do anything to help me feel better. I am so blessed.

In the midst of feeling like the biggest piece of........well, I'll just say it......CRAP.....these boys made a smile appear from one side of my face to the other.

Sadly, I wasn't able to eat the soup, MISTAKENLY I ate a couple pieces of tangerine (much too much acidity) and the saltine cracker was perfect.

Great group of boys. Love them.....

Today I'm feeling about 1/2 human. I got up and loaded the dishwasher, felt shaky and my back started hurting so I came and laid back down. But I wanted you all to know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I just feel like I did.

On a positive note I lost 14 pounds! On a negative as soon as I can eat again, I'm sure I'll find them......

I do hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

I plan to have a DO-OVER DINNER soon...... (and the pounds were found)

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Holy Crackers! 14 pounds? My dear ... you were sick! Feel better soon!!!!!

  2. So sorry you've been sick. Especially at this time of year!!
    But I'm glad you are starting to feel better.
    Oh, and I hope those 14 lbs. have ran away, never to return!

  3. What sweet boys! They sure love you! I am so sorry that you are sick. Get some rest and I will be praying for you.

  4. Thanks Cottage Girl and Twisted! I hope you had a great Christmas! I'm feeling a bit better this evening. Still lying in bed but I hope to be even better tomorrow. I was able to eat my soup tonight, so that is a great start!

    Sharon, they are great boys!!. Thanks for the prayers!

  5. WOW send those boys AND that 14 lb weightloss my way! on a serious note cous, I hope you are on your way to recovery, I know how hard it is to be a mom and be sick. We just aren't ever supposed to be! but it sounds like you are getting great care-they didn't stick pencil erasers in your feet did they? lol

  6. Ugh I'm soooo sorry. I was wondering where u you were. I hadn't rec'd a text or email so I figured just busy with christmas. ((((hugs)))) wish I lived closer I could at least HELP!

    Call me when ur feelin better.

  7. ♥ Oh! I'm so sorry youre sick! And on Christmas that just sucks! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! Take care! :)

  8. I've been missing you! Glad you're alive but sorry you felt so bad!! Get better soon and get back to regular blogging - that's an order - after you feel better, really! It's just we miss your blogs.

  9. You poor thing. Bless your heart. I hope your feeling better soon.
    The day before Xmas Eve I came down with the worst sore throat of my life and I've been just miserable ever since but not as bad as the flu, just a head cold.
    I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you make a speedy recovery!!
    Have a Happy & Healthy New Year!!