Tuesday, December 29, 2009

IT'S 7:50 PM AND I'M IN MY PAJAMAS.............STILL......

Okay, someone needs to stop the madness.

To say it's 7:50 pm and I'm in my pajamas seems harmless enough. It seems like I'm just prepared to turn in early tonight when the truth of the matter is I've had them on ALL DAY.

I'm starting to see a pattern. I'm starting to think I may need help with this? It's not like I didn't do anything all day.

I got up and out of bed at 6:00am. I saw my Rugrat and Hunk off to another big wrestling tournament (over 70 schools) I made breakfast for my Rugrat daughter and myself. I started laundry and then..........THEN I MADE MY FIRST MISTAKE.... I headed to my desk and started working.

I GOT SUCKED IN! And my mean ol' nasty boss (ME) wouldn't let go. I stopped for a quick potty break and to holler something to my Rugrats along these lines................

"ALERT THE MEDIA, BUT IF YOU TURN THE TV OFF AND SWITCH OVER THE LAUNDRY FOR ME YOU WON'T DIE" ........I'm not sure if they believed me but I think my pajamas and what can only be described as a "beast like hair do" made them do it anyway.

I wonder though.............. When I was making phone calls to customers....... did they have a clue that half of my hair looked like I hadn't brushed it for a week (in just one nights sleep.......how does this happen?) and that I was sitting in my Mickey Mouse pajamas.......

ME: "Hello, May I speak with your Accounts Payable Department please?"

Customer: "I'll transfer you"

ME: "Thank you!"

Customer: "click........ring.....ring... Accounting?"

ME: "Hello this is Stephanie and I'm calling in regards to our past due invoice # 3596, and I was wondering when we can expect payment on this?"

Customer: "What is the invoice number again?

Me: "3596, it is dated November 13th"

Customer: "Hmmmmmmm......I think I already paid it, one moment"

Me: "No problem" ......ie: whatever people

Customer: "Hmmmmmmm, I don't have it, we never received it"

Me : owwwwwwwwwww, my tongue hurts from biting it. "Ok, can I email it to you?"

Customer" Sure, that would be fine."

Me: "Ok, I'll send it now, once you receive the email of the invoice when can I expect payment?"

Customer: "ummmmm, well, give me about two weeks or so"

Me: "Ok, thank you"......man my tongue hurts......

Yes, this all took place in my pajamas.......and many many more calls. To my Workman's comp company, vendors, Prevailing Wage Labor Board, employees, etc.

Am I alone? Am I the only one who ever ends up in their pajamas all day because they don't take the time to stop and actually get ready for the day? Because if they stop working everything wont get finished, even though there isn't enough time for it all to get finished by the end of the day anyway?

I need to make a change........that or buy more pajamas.....

I hear Target is having a sell this week.......this could be a tough decision.....

Ciao Bellas~

Ps. I have LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of photos from a day of cooking with my mom and cousins to upload......I can't tell you how many photos I have my cousin sitting very still on the kitchen floor trying to avoid wetting herself, because of laughing so hard.........sadly, it runs in the family.......I SOOOOOOOOOO do that! Oh the stories I could tell......


  1. PJ's all day? My kind of girl!
    I stay in PJ's all day when I have a lot to cook ... can't take the time to change!

  2. I just love you cottage girl! You make me feel so much better....lol

  3. I just bought alot of new jams just SO I COULD stay in them all day, so welcome to the jam club cous! And yes...............I had to make the exact same call you just made the the other day-Me: Hello my records show we haven't received payment on workorder 5676-customer: I show no recoed of that workorder-ME: well I have a PO# for it-customer: OH well then I will get a check in the mail right away-hmmmmm her right away IS way different then MINE! UGH! can't wait for those cookin cousin pics, your cousin must be a NUT! lol

  4. We must do that again,When u, feel good. Of course,more than one person might be sqatting for "p"rotection... In our pj's of course

  5. ♥ I'm all for working in PJ's... It's not like anyone's gonna see you and you might as well be comfy! :)

  6. I have THE most comfortable PJs and lately, I too just started working after my first cuppa. I do rush to change into "real" clothes before Alpha Hubby gets home. Like there's something WRONG with it. There should be PERKS for working at home (especially when everyone thinks you don't DO anything all day) and I say, BRING ON THE PJ BRIGADE!!