Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm am NOT.....repeat NOT......the professional photographer in my family. That would be my little sista'......... but I just had to share some photos with you of the start of our Christmas decorations.

I had a few people over last night for a "girls only ugly Christmas sweater/outfit party"....... I snapped a couple photos and then did what I do best and put down the camera and forgot about taking more photos.

Tonight I took some photos of the decorations I've actually put up so far..... I ran out of time to finish decorating but I'll post more for ya as I finish....

One of the photos I actually took of a couple of my friends. My friend in the red coat is Sharon. Her and I dressed up in matching elves costumes. You could hear us "jingle" all through the house....

My Beautiful friends Kristin and Jennifer...

Decorations.........don't hold the photo quality against me...... I tried.....

I love snowmen! ......And women......and Children......

Ho! Ho! Ho!

And my Ark....... And the animals go marching two by two Hoorah! Hoorah!.....oh wait that's ants........wrong song........

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are your fake easy toooooooooo..... put up....your lights a glow..... OKAY I'll stop.....

And my Rugrat daughters version.....
Oh Christmas tree.......Oh Christmas better give me candy.....and if you don't I'll wear a frown and then I'll have to cut you down........oh Christmas tree......Oh Christmas better give me candy......

and the lights are on..........but nobody's home........ enough about me......lets get back to the decorations......

And in the words of Porky Pig..... "That's all folks!"......
How are you decorations coming along? Is your Christmas music blarin' yet? I have my Christmas with the Chipmunks CD going......
Are you lights-a-flashin'? Tree up? Presents......or coal....... purchased? Wrapped?
Merry Ho Ho......
Ciao Bellas~


  1. It's a bleh humbug right now. Stuff packed for moving; didn't move; I'm not sure I have the engery to unpack what I just packed up - *sigh* - that's why I'll just enjoy your beautiful decorations!

  2. I know what I'm gonna get my Dad. And that's it. No decorations, no presents bought (let alone wrapped, lordy lord), nothing. Somehow, my little flat here never gets decorated for any holiday, although every year, I plan to. The wildest thing I have "decorating" my kitchen for Christmas is a chocolate Santa standing on my kitchen chalkboard. Whoopie! Not. Actually, he looks pretty lonely and pathetic *LOL*
    I only get in a Christmasey mood when I'm at my parents' for the holidays. And that usually starts on the 23rd or 24th! I'm the one who's put in charge of decorating their flat, Christmas tree and all the common rooms, while my mother cooks. I love the warm family feeling that then grips us all. But until then? The same bare walls and furniture pieces as all year 'round. :D

  3. Your house is beautiful, Stephanie! And what a great idea for a party! Don't we all have some awful holiday sweater that just sits in the closet?! I bet you had a great time!

    Everything is up. All but a few of the presents are wrapped. Cookies and pastries all done and in the freezer.

    Ahhhh!! I feel so put together ... so on top of things ... but I know, as in years past, that the day or 2 before Christmas, I'll be running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to find THE present for the person (OR 2!) I forgot!

    LOVE that leg lamp!!!

  4. Hi, I just found your site yesterday. I love your decorations. You have such a nice, roomy house. I'm putting up my decorations, haven't put up the tree yet, hopefully will get that done in the next few days.

  5. I love your decorations and the country style Christmas!!! So festive. Your tree is beautiful and huge, makes ours look like a Charlie Brown tree..hee hee.
    What a great idea for a party!!
    I posted our tree last night. But it does NOT compare to yours. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm about 40% done with shopping...just not sure what to buy this year. Sent all Xmas cards out and now I'm excited to get some back. I love getting Christmas cards!!
    We leave on the 19th to go to South Georgia where we rent a cabin and spend 4 days with my Step Kids on Lake Seminole and have Xmas with them, its so fun. Its only 4 nights (as the kids live in Alabama) but we put up a tree, decorate like crazy and Santa comes. Then we have them back home by Xmas Eve and we're back down in South Fla by Christmas. Its a hectic schedule but its so worth it creating memories with my three precious step children and my hubby.
    Happy Holidays!!

  6. What a lovely home, and so warm!! You may have gotten me into teh Christmas spirit...finally!!

  7. No, I haven't put out the first Christmas decoration yet. I know....I know...shame on me. I just can't get started. Yours are beeeutiful! I love snowmen, too. I have quite a collection started. And that Ark....I LOVE it!!!
    And Merry Ho Ho to you, too!

  8. What a fun party idea! My tree is up, and the presents I've purchased are wrapped. I love the ark!

  9. Beautiful decorations. I'm soooo far behind. I'll put our tree and decorations out this weekend. I normally do it right after Thanksgiving but we were out of town. Can't wait to get the tree up though and lie under it and look up at the lights and ornaments ~ that's always a neat perspective to look at your tree.