Thursday, December 17, 2009


My Rugrat offered to make Gingerbread Cookies for her "2nd grade buddies" to decorate at school.

I was so proud of her. She made the dough, rolled them out, cut them out, put them on the sheet, preheated the oven, baked them, pulled them out and decorated them. ALL ON HER OWN. When I was 11 I'm very sure I couldn't do that. Nor did I have the desire to do that.....

When I went to check on here she had placed Gingerbread men into clear bags and decorated them with ribbon and cute name tags. One for each of her teachers. I'm so thankful for her giving, kind heart.

She was so excited and couldn't wait to give them to her teachers.....

Don't we all just have so many reasons to be "Proud Mommas"?

Tis' the season to remember this........

Eight more days until Christmas.....OH MY!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Indeed, indeed! Very proud moment!! Kindness, and a caring heart is all you need, job well done Momma!

  2. Oh,my. What an industrious little girl. The gingerbread men look so good. As my teenager tonight sewed up some scarves for her buds at school, little Sophia (3 yo) watched and tried to cut and tie fabric pieces together to make "scofs like Anna" for her "harses ( ones). And I so totally enjoyed the time of craftiness being passed from one kiddo to the next. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. What a beautiful sweetheart! Isn't it great that you can document moments like that to keep forever? Blessings are yours!!

  4. Those are extremely cute! Your daughter seems to have some talent in the craft/baking area.

  5. She loves it so much. This morning she took the box of cookies for the 2nd grader she was beaming with excitment. She said she can't wait to watch them decorate them.

    Jenny- Scarves for her friends? That is soooooo nice. Obviously a very thoughtful friend. Does she need another friend? I could use a scarf. LOL

  6. What a beautiful, thankful, creative, and giving daughter you have!! Yes, I can imagine it would swell your proud Mama heart!!! :>

  7. Can I get her to come to my house and help my kids with their teacher gifts? She did a great job!!