Friday, December 4, 2009


I don't make these as often as I would like......if I did, it would be at least every other day and I don't think I could end up fitting through the doorways of my home..... it might be worth it........

I start out with something my father in law taught me before he passed....he was a wonderful cook......You wash the potatoes really well, rub olive oil on the skin and sprinkle it with "Spike" seasoning...... WE LOVE SPIKE.......It's a main staple here....

And you bake the potatoes until a fork pokes through the skin and into the yummy middle easily.

You cut the potatoes in half (length-wise) scoop out the insides (leaving some there so the potatoes doesn't collapse)..... brush olive oil on the inside and the outside and place back in the oven for about 10 minutes and flip them over and bake for about another 10 minutes.

While they are cooking take the "inners" and add a cube of butter and a package of cream cheese, spike (shock!), garlic, and lots of grated cheese and bacon. Mix well.

Pull them out of the oven and use two large spoons to scoop the yummy filling into the skins.

This part is VERY IMPORTANT...... You NEED two spoons. Alternate one spoon to scoop a heaping amount of filling into a potato skin and the other spoon to scoop a heaping amount of filling into your MOUTH. It must be's the law of least seems to be the law of MY cooking.....

Sprinkle, OK we all now by now what I mean when I say sprinkle and cheese in the same sentence... LOAD the top with cheese, more bacon pieces and place back in the oven to melt.

They come out looking like this....... I then added some chives....

Then I jumped up and down, did a back flip, kneeled down on one knee, through my arms up in the air and to steal the words from Mary Katerine Gallagher (Molly Shannon).....I yelled "SUPER STAR!"............

Then I sat down and ate one of these bad boys.......and then my butt grew.....sighhhhhh

Ciao Bellas~


  1. lol!! Actually, rolling on the floor laughing my head off because, shock of all shocks, the same thing happens to me. My family loves these. YYUUUUUUMMMMMMMM.

  2. Oooooo - these have to be the BEST looking potatoes and the best sounding recipe for twice baked that I've ever seen. I will go find Spikes and I will do these potatoes for the real Thanksgiving dinner - that we haven't had YET - good grief - because of son's schedule. And his whining, "I want to be there for the turducken and cornbread dressing." Well, Alpha Hubby and I had one or two (hoho) - can't wait to try these.

  3. Oooh, I will make these when I go home for Christmas (my parents have a much nicer, bigger kitchen than I have and cooking there is so much easier)!

    But... what's in Spikes? Just so I can replicate the flavour you're going for.


  4. Spike is soooo good. Hunk's family has it on the table at all times. They have a low sodium version of Spike which I try to get because then I can add more before it gets too salty. We put it on everything. It is VERY GOOD on cottage cheese too. It says on the bottle."It's a special blend of 39 flavorful herbs, exotic spices and vegetables with just the right amount of salt.

    It has onion, celery leaf and root, dill, kelp curry,horserasidh, mustart flower green and red bell peppers, parsley, tarragon, spiniach tomoatoes, paprika, cayene, basil oregano marjoram, rosemary, thyme......... pretty much every seasoning you can think of all rolled into one...

    When we are out it requires a trip to town. Not every store carries it but many do.

    My bottle has a websie for recipe suggestions and othe rproduct information. never gone to this site so not sure what all is there but it is

    Try it, you will be hooked......

  5. Steph, thanks so much for pulling a bottle out and taking the time to tell me. I'm sure there is something similar to be found here in European latitudes, I'll have a look next time I'm in the supermarket.
    I'll let you know how those potatoes turned out, a few weeks from now!

  6. I am going to make those sometime soon! OMG!! I'm going to have to find some Spike around here!!!
    You are a hoot!!!

  7. Worth it, sooo worth it!! They look yummy, and who doesn't like Mary Katherine!

  8. My Captain has been asking me to make these and I have never made them before. Thanks for this recipe. And my Captain thanks you also!!