Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Celebrate Good Times...COME ON!............ There is a party goin' on round here....a celebration to last throughout the bring your good times and your laughter too, cuz we gonna celebrate your party with you.....COME ON NOW..... Celebrate good times.. come on!!

I got my scan results last night and looks good! There are a couple things I'll have to check with the oncologist about but overall everything looks great!

To say I'm excited is an understatement for sure. In 5 minutes time I found out that my 2nd chance at life gets to continue...... GOD is good!

Because I'm so excited and because you guys are THE BEST EVER I'm giving you a heads up that I'll be posting a FREE GIVEAWAY CONTEST very soon to celebrate.

Thank you for all your prayers and support and know they made and continue to make a difference in my life.

I am so blessed!! I am so grateful! I love my life!!

Ciao Bellas~


    Whew! Thank goodness, Steph! Celebrate good time ... come on!!!
    I don't know how you function while you wait for the results! But now ...

  2. How wonderful for you! What great news! Congratulations!

  3. Praise be to God!!!! I am so glad for you and so been praying for you!!!

  4. And you know how I feel so I'm not even going to post-reading this to that song, I am crying while typing-keep kickin butt cous! you're the cancer butt kickin bomb! We are all so proud of you! God IS good and no doubt will continue to keep you healthy. love you so much cous.

  5. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Your comments put a huge smile on my face. I can feel you doin' the happy dance here with me!

  6. I must admit my "happy" dance looks much like my "pee pee" dance...

    Of course any jumping around quickly becomes a "pee pee" dance for me........who am I foolin?

  7. Such great news sissy. I haven't been in a bad mood one second since I heard the news. :-) I am so very thankful for your health. I love you tons!!

  8. There is NO words that can express the giddy feeling i feel with your news and we are happy dancin in our house. You should see Stan's priceless!!!! love u cous!!!

  9. I am so happy for you. I know how scared and anxious you get. God does provide. I love you sooooooooo much and I am so thankful.


  10. Praising the Lord for you and your fantastic news!!!

  11. Ah! But we aren't surprised, are we?! He is good and you are healed and going to be around a long, long, long time!!!! That's so funny because that song by Kool & the Gang is the same one I used for my posting two days ago - brilliant celebrating minds thing alike!

  12. p.s. to the smell good Queen - does Hunk smell good too? I have more coming in this week, whoo hoo!

  13. Woot! Many, many congrats!! You SOOOOOOO deserve it, mamacita!

  14. YEAH!!! YEAH!! YEAH!!! Congrats, this post MADE my DAY ~ NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thank you!!!! It's just fantastic news!! Thanks for sharing in my joy!

    LBD- I'm loving my perfumes, haven't found one I don't like yet and Hunk......humeda humeda humeda....mmmmmm.....mmmmmmmm........mmmmmmm. I love the Paris Hilton on him! I accidentally put it on me and realized it was not for WOman but for MAN....oooops! Such a typical Stephanie move.... but LOVE it ON HIM.....

    Anna- I think "mamacita" should be my new nickname. LOL And thanks for the woot!

    Busy Blaines- I'll jingle my coffee cup with ya in the morning "cheers"

    Deanna- it made mine too, thank you!!

    And to my family I LOVE YOU!!! Oh, and you are stuck with my rear for awhile longer. ;)

  16. Oh yes, my absolute fave on Alpha Hubby is Paris Hilton for men. It used to be Brooks Brothers until hers came out. Alpha Son likes the Hugo Boss Baldessarini - yum yum on them all. I'll toss a couple more paris in when I send the newbies. Won't be as many, just different!

  17. Thanks "Are you Serious"!!!- I'm so very happy!!!

    LBD you are so sweet! Thank you so much, Hunk better watch out..... I love cologne on him, could we end up with 5 Rugrats out of this? hmmmm .......Actually it isn't possible (for me) but Hunk has been saying he would really like another rugrat..... I think he fell and hit his head......but that's just me. LOL

  18. Congratulations! This is the BEST news I've had all week! I am thrilled for you!

    Keep up the Great work!

    Much love your way,


  19. Janet- Thank you so much!!! It was the best news I had all week too!!

    I'm feelin' the love you sent!