Friday, January 29, 2010


Fashion Sense........ some have it, some don't....... some of us seem to be born with it and some of us ask our 10 and 11 year old daughters to help dress us. One thing I've not ever been is a fashion queen. Part of it was because I didn't care, part of it was because.....well, I didn't care.

Truth is some days I cared. Some days in high school I would wear pumps to school and make sure my hair and make up looked just right. And the next day I might wear a pair of sweats with my hair pulled up in a pony tail......OK in a BANANA CLIP........Was that the 80's Mohawk for girls? I'm not sure, but I had one in every color. I LOVED those things.... If I had only kept one now. I'd wear it to pick up my Rugrats. My Fashion Diva daughter would probably go into a complete tail spin........shove me back in the car in effort to hide me from her friends..... Whose moms, by the way, seem to be much more hip and cool then I am......whatever.....

I'm the real deal. Not that they aren't.....I know I should be the real deal in nice outfits and I still occasionally try. Like when I went to Vail, CO with my sister ........I TRIED.

I had my personal shopper along with me (IE: MY SISTER , who is younger and much more hip than I am.......well she's more hip than she is younger, but that made me feel better to give that as a reason)......

She helped me pick out outfits......I even bought a SCARF........ I think I need another because it's become my new best friend. I bought a few fancy I wear (with my scarf, so that would be OFTEN) and the other I wore once. I feel like I need to travel down south to Hollywood and walk the streets with the sweater...... I also feel like I should weigh 50 pounds less and be a foot taller to be able to pull this sweater off.....It's black and gray and to be honest I feel I resemble an elephant when I wear it.....All I need is a trunk....and floppy ears...... You laugh but I'm not kidding...... I think I need to donate my sweater to someone a bit more hip, thin and taller than me....... Ok, so I need to send it to my sister....

Of course if it's like when we were young she will just start crying and saying "I always get all the leftovers!" (ie: hand me downs)..... Truth is she was crying because my "leftovers" were not her fact I don't know if they could be considered a "style" at all......

I did have my "Rag City Blues....the kind that zipped around and ones that zipped up. I was sooooooo picky in how things fit me and they made these in a ZERO.......yes I said it a ZERO...... Once upon a time in a far off land long ago there lived a skinny girl who wore a size Zero..... She still lives in side of me she just keeps trying to add a number to the front of the zero. So RUDE!

I thought I'd share one of my finer moments. Now I do blame this on my mother. Seriously who lets their punk kid go out the door looking like this? MINE.......My mother who got sick of hearing me whine about things being uncomfortable.....Truth is I think she wanted to take this photo so she could use it against me when I got older and started dating.....

And now I am using it against myself......putting it on display for the whole world to see what a major dorko I went to school looking like. Embarrassing....maybe a little......but if I don't spill the beans on myself then who will?

Of course when I grow up and am famous People Magazine might find this photo and use it against me..... I really better keep that in mind before I hit "POST".....

Hunk will you still love me? He said he knew I was a big dork when he married me......I'll take that as a yes.....

Here I am in all my Glory..(and my little sis)..... I just got off of the school bus....... Child protective Services were are you????.......

Some days I do worry...... I worry I will be cuffed and put in the back of the "Fashion Police" car....... But hey, maybe I'll get a make over......learn some new tricks......

Until then......Can I get a shout out to bringing the Banana Clip back? on second thought I think it would give me a headache....I'm a very sensitive girl....

I am really.....

Ciao Bellas~


  1. OK, I'm officially hurting with laughter. Between your picture and the snow, I've had a very good day. REAL snow here in Arkansas, and ugh boots (and that lovely skirt) - whoo hoo! You actually look darling - long legged and so with it! Truly - which shows you my own fashion sense!?

  2. p.s. if I ever get to be as brave as you, I'll show you a very scary picture of me in 1969 wearing a granny dress - very popular back then. OMG I look crazy.

  3. Oh, I was a 90's HSer so I had flannels and matching scrunchies in every color. The shame, the shame...

  4. I love banana clips too! I used to have a hot pink one sometime in the 80s...well maybe it was my sisters and I just stole it a lot. Mohawk for women...never thought of it that way, lol.

  5. Hey Stephanie,

    It is so fun to meet you over this fun post and oh do I remember banana clips!!!! The picture of you and your sis is too cute...such fashion

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am sure my son would love to come sprinkle some cupcakes for you. We even have that Big Top Cupcake pan thing!

    Now the bannana clip was awesome. Did you where it on the side of your head? And the t-shirt tie thing? I was just talking to my sons P-K teacher she was telling me she keeps having to tie my sons shoes. I told her we needed those clips that were animals and you put your laces in there mouth and they clamped down on them. I love the 80's

  7. Adorable sisters! Do you ever take a bad picture? You were stylin, weren't you? The cute short skirt and the boots! Your legs just go on and on!

  8. now wait a minute, I swear I saw a girl in that exact outfit just the other day! so drag it out, have it altered a but and wear it cous! you'd be stylin now! lol I think we all had a banana clip-too bizarre. You crack me up!

  9. LOL LOL LOL I meant to say altered a BIT hahahahaha now I am squating! ya know?

  10. Umm... that's a majorly cute and fashionable outfit from where I'm standing. The boots, the ruffly short skirt, it's super pretty! I actually see girls run around like that today. Also, if you look at the last season of friends, Rachel can often be seen in very similar attire. So you may not have known it until now, but you're stylin' Steph! :) Now I'm gonna go google banana clips.

  11. I'm loving these comments. Totally remember the flannels and matching scrunchies....

    LBD I'm so ready for you photo in the Granny Dress. LOL Be brave girl!

    Screwed up Texan- Hot pink was the best! Did you see my wedding photos? Hot Pink and Black... That's what happens when you get married in the 80's... LOL

    Cottage girl I have MANY bad pictures....this is one of them! LOL you are just too kind.

    Shelly, looking forward to my sprinkles! And I sooooo did the tie thing with my shirt and then they had the clip things made for it and the shoe lace animals OMIGOSH I forgot about that!!

    Lanette and Anna where are you seeing these poor girls? And I love Friends Rachel could wear a burlap sack and look adorable, I'd look like a sack of potatoes..

  12. LOVE the banana clip!! I'm right there w/ you girl!