Friday, January 22, 2010


It's's pouring.......the old man is snoring......he went to bed and bumped his head and he couldn't get up in the morning.....

Sunny California hasn't been so sunny lately. We are really getting hit with some big storms. This was a couple days ago but another one is supposed to hit tomorrow.

No, that is not streaks on my windows (not this time, not that I am admitting) was "gettin' with it" here. Hail, rain, but sadly no snow yet.

As I look out my front window I see the Ocean....I wish.....

But I do see a lake that looks like the tide rolling in.

Now if I can just remember where I put my surf board.......

Yes, I used to be a professional surfer.....

Well, I used to watch surfers at the beach, does that count?

Don't tell Hunk...He thinks I only watched hockey players and cowboys....

No worries.....I only have eyes for you Hunk........ oh my Hunk of Burnin' Love....... My sweet sexy wrangler wearing ..........OK, I'm back.....but now I'm havin' a hot flash...

All photos taken from my windows cuz I'm a big wimp who didn't want to get soaked.....

Funny it was raining so hard it looks like fog in this photo.

I think I better call my sweetest ever neighbor and see if she is ready to wash windows tomorrow. I'm you all remember this post washing windows in the rain.
She still promises to get me back. She's had opportunities for sure.........I think she is just too sweet to do it.... LOVE HER!

How many people can actually say that about their neighbors and really mean it?

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Wowzers - that looks like the kind of rain we get here in Portland. Do you like the change in weather? I noticed that when I lived in So. Cal. people there simply HATED any rain at all! I loved it b/c it felt like home, but it was also a chance to feel cozy. I hope you are enjoying it in a wintery kind of way!

  2. ♥ I thought your lake was snow at first! We've been snowing all day and it's not supposed to stop until sunday night... The rain is beautiful though!

  3. I hope that you all are high and dry inside the house! That looks like a LOT of rain. They say it's coming our way. Stay dry! It is wonderful to have great neighbors. We've been blessed for 30 years with some wonderful friends. Life is good!

  4. Jociegal- I do love the weather. We need the rain so much! I wish it would snow here but I'll take the rain. About 20 minutes from here they are getting lots of snow. Funny about So Cal. I think they hate it cuz not many people there know how to drive in it AND the streets and highways so get flooded. How long ago did you live there?? Do you like Portland??

    Serious- I wish we were getting the snow! And so funny about thinking the lake was snow because there was white foam on it the other day and I asked Hunk if it was snow floating in it. Sadly NOPE. Is it still snowing there?? Maybe you should build a snowman for me. ;)

    Cottage girls. I was was high and dry in the house that day. It is supposed to rain all next week too. Yes it is wonderful to have great neighbors. 30 years with wonderful friends that sure is a blessing! Did the rain rach you yet??

  5. LOVING this weather too!! I love storms, roaring fire going and popcorn hmmmmmm that's exactly what we are doing right now.

  6. I love your popcorn Lanette. And a roaring fire is the best!! It's looking nice today but it's supposed to start storming again this next week!

    Though I love summer here on the lake I am enjoying....this MUCH NEEDED....rain and snow.