Thursday, January 21, 2010


BACK IN THE DAY~ Classmates used to call me the nickname "Spaghetti legs".... long and thin......

TODAY~ I now refer to them as "Lasagna Legs"...... Wide and wavy......

I'm guessing I spend too much time reminiscing lately. We were eating dinner last night and talking about how long Hunk and I have been together. We were talking about how much we weighed when we were married VS how much we weigh now....

I got a sudden wave of nausea as I typed that last sentence

We talked about how I used to be so limber and could do back walk-overs (in high heels cuz I was sooooooooo going to be a Solid Gold Dancer, and I needed to practice) and do the splits. Talked about cheerleading days and ice hockey days for Hunk.

Then my rugrat oldest daughter says......."Mom, aren't you going to tell us about how you used to play dodge ball and everyone used to call you spaghetti legs and now you are lasagna legs?" Did I mention how much I love her?

This is when it hit me. This is when I knew I was living in the past far too often. My rugrats know all about my YESTERYEARS......... The first time I told them about my spaghetti legs nickname, they laughed and I laughed and said "sadly I now have lasagna legs" Apparently that made an impression on my Rugrats......

We all have our challenges. It may be keeping a Martha Stewart clean house, getting places on time, limiting our online time, limiting our TV watching, making dinner each night OR having Lasagna Legs........

Some of us may have ALL OF THE ABOVE.. I'm not admitting or denying how many challenges I have..... BUT no matter how hard I try I can't deny the Lasagna Legs... ...hmmmmm......Sadly, this post has made me crave Lasagna.....not sure this is a good idea.

I should go for a walk.......

Should........really should.....This is the KEY WORD.......

Hunk and I have been going for half walks and half jogs on our property each night after dinner...but again....KEEPIN' IT REAL....... the jog part almost dang kills me! I am gaspin for breath and feel like my Lasagna legs are going to snap. The flat ground I can do OK, downhill I am lovin' (well not lovin'...that's a lie...but it's my favorite, if I have to have one), uphill I'm on the verge of a stretcher and paramedic needing to be on standby.

Good thing we've been married for twenty one years because it's not a pretty site. I don't know how many directions boobs and butt cheeks can go but......well, enough of that...... Occasionally I even step on a few frogs.......well, I blame the noise on them anyway..... I'm just sayin'.....

I doubt I'll ever get my spaghetti legs back but if I could just trim them down to fettuccine I'd be happy.
Ciao Bellas~


  1. I'd love some of those fettucine legs too. :-) Not sure how I'll be at our weigh in tomorrow. Dang scale!! LOL

  2. Too funny! I won't talk about my solid gold days. It involved alcohol. Aww to be that young thing again. And that limber.

  3. Oh you had me laughing so hard and renewing my vow to continue to get into the best shape I can. I want to live a long long time, healthy! As one *old* cheerleader to another, I'd just be happy to be able to get up gracefully from sitting on the floor as easily as we used to do splits then bounce back up like a jack-in-the-box! Fettuccine legs - I love it!!! Keep laughing!

  4. OMG you are hilarious! but I too have those lasagna legs, must be a Glenn thing! lol and trust me IF I would even attempt to jog, someone would get hurt if they were jogging too close to me OR I would have 2 black eyes, and if you were to put a match between my thighs (aka: lasagna legs) it WOULD strike hahahahahaha just gotta laugh about it.

  5. If it's any consolation, I went from Fettucine to Lasagna. I've always been really... umm... broadly built. My Fettucine were muscular though, so hmmm.

    Btw, walks are fine but jogging IS NOT. Trust me, jogging for, ahem, voluptuous people is not a good idea. It wreaks havoc on the joints and will do more damage than good. If you want to exercise, walk briskly or swim. No squash playing! Anything that won't put stress on your joints is cool. Yah, I know A LOT about being overweight and sports.

    Anyway, I think it's cool if you and your Hunk wanna be healthy. But as far as I'm concerned, just from a looks point of view, you are a gorgeous woman Steph. I'm sure Hunk doesn't tell you differently and anyway, why would he, it's true: you're crazy beautiful.

  6. and I have a flat ass... it happens!! But truth be told, you're a wonderfully beautiful woman!

  7. Hoot-Hoot -Hoot! Lasagna legs! That's it! That describes my legs precisely ... Although I NEVER had spaghetti legs EVER!
    You are a gorgeous girl and you are enjoying the life given to you. You face it with tenderness, convictions and a wicked sense of humor! I want to grow up to be just like you!!!!

  8. So glad I wasn't the only one with the dream of being a "Solid Gold Dancer" .. Also nice to hear that I am not the only one who has trouble getting up from a sitting position. Usually require grunting noises to help me get up. The LIMBER DAYS ARE GONE.....

    Anna you are so sweet and I can't wait to tell Hunk that I'm not allowed to jog anymore. LOL

    Deanna- mine isn't flat but it is wide.....

    Thanks for all your FUNNY and SWEET comments. I think I will reread them everytime I start stressing over my wavy legs..... I'll also think of you all each time I make Lasagna!

    BTW Cottage Girl- Spaghetti legs aren't all they are cracked up to be......they just turn to lasagna and leave you longing for spaghetti...painful cruel world......

    Maybe pasta has it out for me.