Thursday, January 28, 2010


Talk about a "Throw Back" in time.... This was my senior year photo. I still remember going and taking this picture. You have to love my 80's hairstyle. In my defense this was nothing. Not sure why my hair was so tame this fine day. Maybe I didn't have time to do it...

Where were my McDONALD'S GOLDEN ARCHES? I am sure I could have gotten A LOT more height out of this hair.

I'm so sure because, sadly, I often did...... (I'll have to dig those photos out)

Ah, my Senior seems like I just had this photo taken two years ago.... Where has the time gone?

I remember my parents saying to cherish my high school days. They said that as you get older every year goes by faster than the last. I had no clue just how true that statement was.

What is sad is THIS PHOTO was taken two years ago....
Our oldest Rugrat's Senior photo.
Why is he so much younger than I was at his age?
I can't believe he will be 20 years old in a few short months.

Tito....pass me a tissue.
In what seemed like overnight I went from being a Senior to HAVING a Senior.........

But I get to be a Senior again one day......

And I know that day will come more quickly than I can even imagine.....

Yep, I will be a Senior again...


But I'm good with that....... I get discounts on lots of things AND the best part..... If I'm blessed enough I will have GRANDRATS (ie: My Rugrats....rugrats).
Does it really get better than that? Not in my ever so humble opinion....
But I'm a rat lover.......well, a RUGrat lover.....rat's kinda freak me out...
Ciao Bellas~


  1. Ah so cute! I have to say, you were lookin' pretty good - 80's hair and all!

  2. Maybe we can have big hair again when we're seniors again?


  3. What a very handsome rugrat! He waon't have anything to be embarrassed about when he looks back on his senior pic! And you don't either (great full hair - I've seen some of those 80's hair - whooo!). You were and are still very beautiful!

  4. I remember that hair cous-I was reflecting just the other day on our trip to disneyland when you were in high school and all you said all weekend was how much you missed Mike and Tami, your mom and I would say "what are we?, chopped liver!" hahahaha and Kyle's senior pic remimds me so much of Mike at that time. great memories, in fact on that same trip I remember having to squat in the elevator to know, as we were heading back to our room at the aneheim sheraton, I remember like it was yesterday and looking at those pics of you and Kyle, reminds me of just how long it HAS been, Kyle was just a twinkle in your eye and just look at your guys now-wow! great accomplishments.

  5. Ooo ... so pretty then and now! It's fun to look back and realize just how far you've come! I don't know about you, but I'd never go back! Even though I thought I was pretty smart about things back then, I really was sooooo dumb!
    Your son is very handsome! He is lucky to have you as his mom!!!

  6. ♥ I love your picture! I think we all did the big hair in the 80's early 90's! :)