Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My friends dog Brandie waiting for the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies to finish baking...

Is she adorable or what?!? And obviously she has great taste and patience.

My friend Kristen shared this photo with me. When I saw it I said "I HAVE TO PUT THIS ON MY BLOG!" ......and Brandie wanted you to see what a good girl she is, so she signed over her rights to the photo......well, she tapped her paw on it, we knew what she meant......

I didn't want to post the photo Kristen took of me sitting on the floor next to Brandie with the drool wasn't pretty......a grown woman shouldn't drool like that, not over cookies......not ever.....(there may or may not be a photo.....I will never tell..)

Have to run...typing this post is making my mouth water.....good thing the computer screen is here to guard you from my keyboard however may be in need of repair....

And just like every other time I see yummy food.... my butt just grew.... .


Ciao Bellas~

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  1. That dog is a very smart dog ... good taste, too!

  2. What a cute dog and great picture - and awesome floor! Great post BUT it makes me want to make some cookies. Hmmm, guess I'll go light my sugar cookie candle instead. That will help. Yep, sure, right...

  3. She is such a cute dog. Obviously has good taste! LOL Love her. Isn't the kitchen wonderful? They just finished remodeling it. I LOVE IT.

    Sugar cookie candles smell good and have less calories, now if they could just fill the I WANNA COOKIE spot in our tummy! Let me know if it helps!

  4. cookies do sound pretty darn good right now, but how would that be good after just eating a weight watcher tv dinner AFTER I fried chicken and the fixins for my guys????? HA Friday is my cheat day so maybe Thursday night I will make cookies to pig out on Friday?????

  5. Such a cute dog... keeping an eye on the cookies!!

  6. Momma - I can't thank you enough for all your support you throw my way, serious you are too kind, God Bless your Heart!!


  7. Ahhhhh I LOVE that photo!!!! So great.