Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hunk was reading the Farmers Almanac this morning and he announced "Today is National Handwriting Day"......

I'm wondering if in honor of this very special day I should have the rugrats all sit around the table and practice their handwriting.

I know on a Saturday it is exactly what they would want to do. Maybe Hunk and I should join in!.........We could make it a family event.

Of course our handwriting is sooooooooooo good. Honestly, if you saw my writing skills you would be blown away......

Not just blown away, blown OVER, tossed up in the air like a rag doll, flip around a few times and land on your feet and shout "SUPER STAR!" ........ for a four year old......

The sad truth is I make my rugrats erase things and re-write them in better handwriting all the time. Saying things like "Your teacher actually needs to be able to read this".....but I struggle with my own handwriting. I envy those with beautiful handwriting....

I remember friends in school being able to write in calligraphy and making cute swirls and hearts on their papers. I'd try but the only thing I could ever half way master was bubble letters... Gosh I haven't done that in years!

Most of my practice with pen and paper was of my puppy dog or my palm tree. My signature drawings that all of my friends would find at the end of a note I had written (in class when I was supposed to be learning something, not trying to figure out why Tom doesn't want to be with Susan anymore and how could he like Dori......Omigosh! She is such a........not nice person)....

Were you a note writer? I was soooooooooooooooooo a note writer. There was a few times when I wrote notes that I will NEVER EVER EVER forget.

Once a boyfriend kept asking me to write him a note. I was on the verge of not wanting to be together and I didn't feel like writing to him. He kept begging me. I didn't understand (until later) why this was so important to him.

I finally wrote a note to him in class. I didn't know what to say so I wrote things like " this class blows, Gary is sleeping, Have you seen Carrie's hair today, Susie and I are going to go to the movies after school, I HAVE TO GO PEE, I'M BACK FROM GOING PEE, I hope I pass this class, Mr. G just said that these people don't have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of and then he cracked his whip on Jason's desk because he was sleeping. Brian was getting sent to the principal but he started pulling money out of his pockets and when it was enough Mr. G opened his desk drawer and pushed the money in and told him to go sit down!"

You know typical high school talk..... ha ha

So I gave him the note in between classes and went to my next class (which happened to be near his Ag class he was in)...... Halfway through class I asked to go to the ehemmmmmm bathroom......and went to Ag. Here is my boyfriend standing on a big wooden box reading my note to the entire class. I hear "I HAVE TO GO PEE, OK I"M BACK FROM GOING PEE"..... Hunk was in this class and is clearing his throat loudly and trying to alert this DORKO that I am in the room...... It takes awhile but he sees me. NOW I KNOW WHY HE WANTED A NOTE SO BADLY! But I learned to never write a letter to a boy saying you have to pee!

#2- I'm ashamed of #2 and #3......

I was starting to date a boy but but all of a sudden he was walking me to every class at school, waiting for me when I got out of class, with me constantly. I didn't really want to be "in a relationship" so I WROTE A NOTE... Saying how nice he is but I don't want to be with him all the time at school, we can still go on dates but I didn't want to be in a relationship right now. So I walk out of class and he is there. I hand him the note and he opens it and starts reading it OUT LOUD! I say "Please read it later" he continues, his voice getting a little softer as he reads on past how nice I think he is..... he looks at me and says "Ok, no problem, I'll see ya later"..... He was nice after that but never showed up to another class...... I felt bad and then later I started missing him........ His name "HUNK".......obviously, I couldn't stay away for long...

#3 note I saved for last because it was the WORST. Basically I got what I deserved. I was a wimp. In fact it was the equivalent of doing this over TEXTING in today's world I guess.....

I was dating a boy when I was in high school. He had already graduated and apparently was a bit more "mature" than my note writing self. Things weren't working out. So I wrote him a NOTE telling him that I wanted to "break up". I don't even know how I got it to him. Knowing me I dropped it in his room while he was at work trying to get out of seeing him face to face..... but I honestly don't remember. What I do remember is getting home from school and him showing up at my house.

I went outside to talk with him and he starts out with this "I came over to talk but I forgot my paper and pen at home so I guess we can't"

OMIGOSH! My mom still laughs at this little zinger! This boy was always full of them actually. This one stung....... it stung because it made me face the fact of how immature and hurtful it was to break up with a boy in a note.

I think I've solved the case of my horrible handwriting...... I have remaining trauma from memories of my note writing days and I'm so shook up over it that I can't keep my hand steady...... or maybe not....hmmmm

I guess I'm just glad there were no cell phones back then....... or I might have to be admitting to breaking up over texts!

Just keepin' it real and honest as I remember my NOT SO FINER MOMENTS........back in the day.


Did you ever break up with someone in a note? Please say I'm not alone........

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Oh my gosh - I did FAR worse than you. I'd NEVER wanted to get married (when I was in my teens & early 20's). I had a guy who was like IN MY FACE all the time. Wanted to go everywhere together. He was a really nice guy and cute. His best friend dated my best friend so of course, WE had to date. He was in luuuuuv with me and wanted to get married and we all went to his parents house because he was getting ready to leave for a tour to Vietnam (early 70's). I waited until he left and wrote him a letter telling him that I'd tried many times to tell him before he left, but that I didn't want to get married and didn't think we should keep up our relationship. Ewww. I still cringe when I think about my selfish 19 year old self writing a dear john letter 'cause I didn't have the guts to tell him to his face. Well, I did try except he wouldn't listen. I did try, really.

  2. Never dated anyone long enough to break-up with someone, but I KNOW that you are NOT alone!!!

  3. I feel your pain, Stephanie ... But when you are young, it's so hard to deal with those complex feelings with talk.
    Hey, Nan ... You and I have a similar story ... The guy I dated I broke up with way before he was drafted ... and I should have just cut the cord then, but we said that we would be friends and dated occasionally ... Then he went to Nam and of course being there in that situation he thought we were back in a serious relationship. His letters kept getting more serious and I had to write to him and make it clear were were not back together. He got to come home for R & R shortly thereafter and "surprised" me at my dorm. I had to let him know right off the bat that we were not a couple. He took it very hard and went straight to my mom who in turn called me and gave me what for ... One of the few times in my life that she did. Like I said ... I should have cut the cord right off the bat. Later on, I had his daughter in my class and even later than that ... I had his grandson!
    I believe you Nan!! You and I had about the same experience.

  4. Hmmmmmmm it's been so LONG ago since high school "I'll have to think about it and get back to ya on this one! IF I did I probably sent it via carrier pigeon lol but honestly I really didnt "date" alot in HS c and I met so early in HS, heck his proposal could have been a note! hahaha but happy handwriting day anyway to all hmmmm how does one decorate for this holiday????

  5. After reading I'm thinkin' YEP we were young and dealing with it at our maturity level. Not wanting to hurt the other person we thought it would be easier in a letter.......easier for us, we didn't have to see them hurt.

    cottage girl- I had a boy go to my mom too. He kissed another girl the night before, his best friend said you tell Stephanie or I am. he told me, I was in shock because he was so (what seemed to be) crazy about me and I just said ok. His friend was beside himself with my reaction. After going to class I thought more and more about it....did what I do best and wrote him a letter.... at break He was waiting with open arms as I walked up, I handed him the letter and his class ring. He refused to take it and it fell to the ground. He yelled back that we were not broken up and he would leave the ring there until I picked it up. I said (my favorite word when irritated) "Whatever"...and kept walking...... That one he deserved.... He tried to get back together with me for the next 3 years.... He and Hunk even got in a fist fight...oh my gosh that was awful..... I was so mad at them that I again said "you are both stupid, WHATEVER" and walked away.....BOYS! Sadly I have many BOYS stories. I had lots of friends that were boys too......good friends. And a couple friends who turned boyfriend who remain to be friends of both Hunk and myself. We were from a small area. If you weren't friends with your ex's you either never dated or didn't have any friends! ;)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your stories! Thanks for sharing and if you have more, bring it on!

  6. I got so caught up in him cheating on me I forgot to say.... When I got off of the bus after school that day this boy was on my front porch talking/crying to my mom. His friend was in the front yard and mumbled a "sorry" as I walked past. I didn't pause at the front door I just walked on inside. My mom later came in and asked me to give him a 2nd chance. In her defense he was crying and she felt bad for him. Later she was glad I didn't......

    And the girl he kissed, I actually connected with again on "facebook" and we talk from time to time.... no hard feelings, it was a long time ago and actually I wasn't even too upset with her then. HE was dating me not her....she did wrong but he was the one who was supposed to be commited to me..... Just my humble opinion.

  7. haha I love that break-up story! It is like in Sex and the City when Berger broke up with Carrie on a post-it. But I guess I should assume that everyone watched that show!

  8. I broke up with a guy on IM! I was way too scared to say anything in person so I sent an IM and signed off right away. How terrible! :/

  9. Lindsay- I haven't seen that, but that is a crack up.

    Erin- YOU WIN...... Breaking up on IM and then signing off. That is too funny. At least you didn't have your web cam turned least I don't think you did.... He was typing back and then it said "Erin has signed off"..... I'm thinkin' it's just a girl thing.......these poor boys! lol

  10. Lindsay I love that show and that episode was hilarious!

    I can't say I ever broke up in a note but I did have my friend go break up for me. Of course I was in 6th grade. :-)

  11. Memories.......why do I have so many with this same issue? LOL

    In 6th grade my friend Susie wanted to break up with her boyfriend Mike so she asked me to break up with mine (Jim, who was best friends with Mike) OF COURSE I DID......YEARS later in high school I saw Jim and he asked me if he could ask me a question. I said "sure" and he said "Why did you break up with me that day in 6th grade?" I thought about it for a second and said "Because Susie broke up with Mike and asked if I would break up with you too, so she didn't have to be the only one"..... He was a bit taken back..... I assured him it had nothing to do with anything he did or didn't do.....AND IT WAS SIXTH GRADE.... lol

    I'm suprised I didn't break up with Mike for susie and her break up with Jim for me. That would have sounded more like it. When we worked at McDonalds together I acted like I was her and quit for her on the phone and she did the same for me. YES WE WERE DORKS!

  12. I sooooooooooooo remember your high school days and love reminising with you!