Monday, February 1, 2010


I received an email today that blew me away. Made my heart swell up and smile.

As you know Cottage Girl won the Free Gift Card Giveaway that I held. When she contacted me via email about the gift card she let me know that she would be giving it to the American Red Cross for Haiti.

Now you can see why my heart swelled up and smiled. She gave up a shopping trip for those in need.

When you sit and watch the news (at least in my neck of the woods) the majority of what they report is all the bad things that go on. All the horrible awful things that happen in this country, in other countries and in our hometown. There are so many big hearted people who do so many nice things in this world.....Why can't we report more about them?

I believe if they reported more about the good things happening then more good things would happen....That's why I'm telling you about Cottage Girl's generosity.

It's contagious...and it makes you feel good.

So Cottage Girl donated $50 to American Red Cross for Haiti and I donated an additional $50 to them as well.

I did it because when I read her email telling me that is where she wanted her money to go it made me want to join in her generosity.

It was contagious and it made me feel good.....

The same thing is true with kind words and smiles. You never know how you can effect someones life. Smiling at a stranger or giving them a compliment. We don't know what has happened in their day or week, maybe the smile we give them will change the entire feel of their day.

Lets spread the love and make this world a better place. I have met so many kind big hearted people while blogging. One gesture at a time we can make a difference.

Start close to home:

Make dinner or dessert for a friend or neighbor for no reason.

Call your local school and/or church and see if there are any children in need of jackets or clothing and clean out your overflowing children's closets.

Next time you are at a drive through pay for the order of the person behind you.

Help an elderly couple with yard work or just drop by to visit.

I know times are tough for many. Giving comes in so many shapes and sizes. It doesn't have to be financial.

Smiles are free and yet they are priceless at the same time.

I promise you one thing. One thing that I know for sure.

As happy as you make someone feel with your generosity and kind gestures it will not even come close to comparing to how it will make YOU feel.

The best gift you can RECEIVE is the feeling you get from GIVING.

And what an amazing example it sets for your Rugrats. (that's an added bonus)

Ciao Bellas~


  1. A great reminder to think of others and not just ourselves! Thanks!

  2. Wow - you are right just reading about what you both have done makes me want to do more too.

  3. Giving is the greatest gift you can can give yourself. Bravo.

  4. Helping others is so important. Sharing your stories is another way you do that.

    How I am choosing to help someone tonight is by telling a friend about your blog. She recently found out that her sister has breast cancer, and your letter to Hunk reminded me so much of her. I hope that my friend, her sister, and her family will draw strength from your writings.

    Be well :)

  5. I told you I've met the most giving and big hearted people thru my blog..... the proof is in your comments. You all care so much. We are blessed!

    Melissa, Please let your friend know that I will be praying for her, her sister and her entire family. Though I did not have Breast Cancer I do understand how it feels to have cancer. I also have a dear friend who is a SURVIVOR of breast cancer. Please know that you are welcome to email me at if there is anything I can do to help comfort in this difficult time.

  6. My Dear Sweet Stephanie,
    Oh my! I'm humbled by your kind words and blown away that you matched the donation with one of your own.
    Maybe our gift will give someone a ray of hope in what must be a very desperate situation.
    Thanks for the opportunity. I'm proud to know you!
    Prayers continue for the people of Haiti.

  7. Cottage Girl,

    You rock girlfriend! (do they still say that?)lol Sending lots of hugs and smiles your way.

    Make it a great day!!

  8. Your big heart rates up there with all the big hearted people I know.

  9. Perfect!

    I prefer to give rather than receive too. I recently won a Blog give-away and ended up arranging to have the gift sent right back to the blogger - she was so surprised to receive it - and thankful too!

    Thanks for being you!

  10. Stephanie, thank you for your kind words and prayers for my friend and her family. If her sister hasn't already had surgery, it will be coming up soon. Bumpy times ahead, but she's a fighter.

  11. janet- that is so sweet of you! I bet she was not expecting that at all!

    Melissa- Please keep me posted on your friend. She will have bumpytimes ahead I'm sure. I'm glad to hear she is a fighter. I'll keep them all in my prayers and I'll be cheering her on here from California!

  12. That Cottage Girl is such a sweetie isn't she :)Love the contagious generosity part, very well put.

  13. Tickled Red- YES SHE IS! And Thank you! I really do believe it! Have a great Sunday!!

  14. Just catching up on blog-reading. This was very good. Way to set an example! Giving is so much fun.