Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's pouring down rain..... I MISS THE BEACH......

I'm off this morning to take my Rugrat to her very first Orthodontist appointment. They are going to check her out for some braces.......And oddly enough she is very excited about it. LOL

I on the other hand..........not so much. We don't have dental insurance and I just got a root canal the way, MY FACE STILL HURTS.....(Advil helps though, took some with my coffee this morning)

I sooooooooo have to run out the door. (and be careful not to run into a bunk bed or extra sofa or bag full of towels or something else that we brought back from the beach house that is STILL all over my house) I'm so posting photos of it tonight.....(mortified by how my house looks so why not post it all for the world to see?).......yep, that's how I roll......SPILLIN' THE BEANS ON MYSELF!

Have a great day friends! Stay dry and enjoy HUMP DAY!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Stephanie, how well I remember the days of trips to the orthodontist :) Also remember a root canal I had once. Ouch! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. I think its hysterical that you are "spillin' the beans on yourself." NOT ME! I'll tell you my house looks like a storage building but I refuse to take pictures. I want my sunroom back. Oh, maybe I'll take ONE picture to remind myself how much work I did. Sounds good to me. And maybe I'll even get it all unpacked someday.

  3. Thanks so much Cheryl!

    I want a sunroom! You will get it unpacked. If we lived closer we could take the day and help each much more fun that way!