Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My (heart) Hunk flew off and left me for “Texas” this week. He is over there for training for work. I’m ready for him to come home already!

But with him being gone it’s project time around here. This week I have my hands FULL. With selling our beach house my home already looks like A tornado came through here and left a bunch of (crap) furniture and things behind.

I’ve started on the girls room already and I’ll be putting some photos up of that as we finish. I have on large moving box full of the girls clothes that no longer fit them. I am (mortified) embarrassed to say how many bags of crap trash were taken out. Under the bed alone….. No wonder my oldest daughter, who is so organized gets so upset at her (slob of a sister) younger sister all the time.

Good news is some of the furniture we had over there is better than the furniture I have in our home so I’m excited to change those things out. Lots of embarrassing photos will be coming your way. As soon as I can find my camera! (I’m not even kidding, it’s like a maze, with dead ends, trying to get anywhere in my home right now).

Today I’ll be (crying like a baby) getting a root canal so I won’t be able to work on anything until this afternoon…..

I’ll keep ya posted!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Your tough! You can handle this!

  2. Oh wow! Good luck. Reminds me of when we bought our house.

  3. A root canal? That is just awful! Praying it goes smoothly and you recovery quickly.
    Can't wait for pictures, organizing and rearranging furniture just makes me happy!

  4. ♥ Oh man a root canal!!! So not fun!!! My kids are trash collectors also... drives me crazy! Good luck with everything! :)

  5. Your man prolly went over to Texas to get him some BBQ. I hear that make it real good over there.

  6. Here I am unpacking (STILL) and I even had some neat furniture to replace old. BUT I can't get stuff under the bed - Alpha Hubby put the mattress up on a platform with mirrored sides. No more kicking clothes under the bed when companyh comes (*sigh*) - I miss that (NO, not really, honest). I don't envy you your projects but when they're done, it will be AWESOME.