Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My Rugrats are out of school this week and Hunk and I are at the beach. My little sister flew in from Colorado and my parents are over here with us too!

We own a home here on the beach in the Central Coast of California, but we've had it on the market and it is now in escrow. (bitter-sweet) We thought we would come have one last family vacation here this week.

We spent the day today down on the beach and since my sister is a professional photographer rest assured I will have lots of very fun photo's to share with you all.

My 5 year old nephew hasn't seen the ocean since he was 8 months old. Living in Colorado they don't get to the beach very often. I'm having a great time visiting with my family.

We took the girls swimsuit shopping today and they wore them out of the store and straight to the ocean........of course I ended up walking back to one of the shops and buying towels....we were not prepared to get in the water at all. Tomorrow, we will be!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!!!!

Photos to come!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Have a GREAT time! There is nothing like vacationing with family!

  2. Yay, gotta enjoy the weather will you can! Where on the coast do you have a place? My family has a house on the coast, in Pismo Beach. I grew up not far from there!

  3. Mama H. It's in Pismo Beach. Actually in "Shell Beach" but our address is Pismo. how funny! I will wave to your family.....

    Thanks Cottage Girl. We are having such a great time. So much laughter.

  4. Wow, what a small world! I really thought you'd say farther up the coast, but wow! I spent a lot of time in Pismo growing up. I'm sure you know all the best spots, but if you need/want any suggestions, hit me up!

  5. Mama H.... I think I know most of them but you never know, you might know a secret spot!
    It is such a small world......supposed to be really nice in Avila today so we will probably head over there for a bit with the rugrats. Of course my daughter is beggin' to go to the movies. lol

  6. I'm looking at snow so it was really nice to read about your beach adventure - thanks for sharing!! I'm going to go daydream now!

  7. Love time on the coast (we're about ten minutes as the crow flies from the Northern CA coast), especially family time there, building sand castles, hunting for ocean worn treasures, critters, and soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the beach. Hope you enjoy your time there and look forward to pics of your fun! :>

  8. Make sure you guys hit the Cracked Crab!!! Yum!!! I'll be thinking of you. Enjoy your time and say hi to the family!!!!!! Luv you all!