Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Who is watching "The Bachelor"?

Omigosh. A friend started watching and I got sucked in. I had tears in my eyes last night when Ali had to leave.

What a sap I am......

BUT.......What a choice.......stay and take a chance on him NOT picking you and losing your job or leave and keep your job and possibly miss finding the love of your life.

I still can't believe I'm sucked in. I sit there and think "I don't think I could ever date someone who is dating so many other girls at the same time." Then I turn around and think "oh man he really likes her" And then the next date he goes on I think that about the next girl.

I liked Ali but I like a couple of the other girls too. ughhhhhhhh........

Why do I ever start watching this stuff? It's so addicting.. I'm starting to sound like I watch a lot of TV.

Hmmmmm...... maybe I watch too much. HEY.....I think American Idol is on tonight.

As much as I'd like to, I don't have much time during the day to watch any programs. Every once in awhile I get to give in and watch a Lifetime movie while the Rugrats are at school. I'll put it on and try to work while I watch. I take my laptop to the sofa and try to pretend I'm working. I change my laundry over on commercial breaks (or sometimes I fast forward through them, if I've previously recorded the movie).

Obviously not very productive which is why most of the time I DVR these programs and watch them at night when the Rugrats go to bed.

I end up staying up late while Hunk snores next to me...........I nudge him......he stops........ he starts again...... I push him....he stops......he starts again...... I flick him.....he stops...........he starts again...... I sigh REALLY LOUDLY and shove him........he wakes up and says "What the heck?" ........and I say "What?".with a puzzled look on my face......like I have no idea what he is talking about.....

That's my nightly routine........of course if you ask Hunk he would tell you that "I" snore....

My response when he says that ......

..I start off with an eye roll and end with a "Whatever".....I'm a loving wife like that..

Ciao Bellas~


  1. That was so hysterical - I loooved the "What?" when he woke up from all your poking, punching, sighing, flicking... that's so great! I'll have to try it on Alpha Hubby. We don't watch tv during the week so I miss a lot of the drama and addiction!

  2. I haven't watched the past couple seasons of the Bachelor but I did watch this one since my mom said she liked Jake so much from last season. This season has been pretty good and I'm hoping he picks Tenley.

  3. Hahahaha! You are so funny!!! The snoring battles, especially at this time of year! I bet if someone put a reality cam in a bedroom ... only for the expressed purpose of the snoring battles, mind you ;-> ... that it would turn out to be a big hit!
    I must admit, I don't watch too much TV. I used to! But now, if I do, it's usually the Food Network or old movies! I'm such a dud! I understand how you can get caught up in a reality show, however! I've done it many times in the past!
    Sleep well tonight!

  4. LBD- I went easy on Hunk last night, he has a pulled muscle in his back so I didn't want to hurt him.....sometimes I don't know my own strength (kidding).......

    Meghan. I really like Tenley too. She seems to be such a sweet girl and I really like her family. They all seem to really are so much about each other. Loved her dance too, so cute.

    Cottage Girl- You are not a dud you are SMART.....I didn't used to watch much but lately at night I'm allowing myself to watch these popular shows. My rugrat daughter you would think would love these......she like Food Network, Dirty Jobs and LOVES Cake Boss. (when she has time, they can't watch much tv at all during the week...Mommy is mean....lol)

  5. Yes somehow I got sucked into the Bachelor this year, I think by my teen daughter. We were crying too when Ali left, and my husband walked into the room and thought we had gone nuts....It's made for some interesting conversations with teen daughter though. Nothing like TV to help me rasie my girls!! :)
    And the snoring I do the same thing...when he finally wakes up, I say What? ha ha

  6. There are just some shows that you have to watch, for me it's Biggest Loser, I can't even be disturbed!!

  7. O Mom- I'm so glad I wasn't alone in the tears when Ali left. Tv to help raise your girls comment cracked me up! Ok girls....here is what you NEVER do and here is what you SHOULD do. It's great to take those moments when you get them, no matter who they come about. I love that you say "What?" to your snoring Hunk when you wake him up also! Great minds think alike.....I'm tellin' ya!

    Deanna- My little Sis watches the Bigges Loser show too. I never have gotten into that one. I SHOULD but I haven't. That's what I love about the DVR though, when the rugrats come in (or even Hunk if I'm being honest) and start gabbing away I can click the pause button. "on the tv, not on them".....DANGIT!

  8. Are you SURE Hunk has a pulled muscle OR is it from the poking lol no more reality shows for me I have enough TV on my plate to add that one. Now watch-you have me curious now hahahaha

  9. Uh Yeah! I'm like you, I get sucked in too! So I watch until 9:00 cause I have my DVR set to tape 24 which comes on at 9:00. So I watch half of Bachelor and then watch 24. So then what do I do to catch up on the last hour of Bachelor? Ok I admit it, I go on my computer and watch what I missed. I like Tinley and the one who is the swimsuit model.

  10. I know exactly what you mean! I am so sucked into this season of the Bachelor also. I think this particular man is a very genuine, God fearing, kind hearted person. I think Tenley is the one for him.