Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hunk refers to these as "Chick Flicks"......

Movies about women who have been done wrong by men.......

If I'm watching Lifetime and he walks in he stops and says "What did he do to her?" Sadly most times I don't have to say "What did WHO do to her?" I say "He cheated on her or he put poison in her soup"........ But NOT always. Sometimes SHE did something to HIM.

And let me just say when it's not a movie about a man doing something to a woman I find reasons for Hunk to walk in on me watching.



Hunk: "Hello.."

Me: "Hunk, I know you are out grading the road right now but could you please hurry back to the house I need to speak to you for just a minute...."

Hunk: "Now?"

Me: "Ummmm......ya, nobody is one fire, I just can't really do it over the phone.....sorry."

He walks in....

Hunk: "What's up?"

Me: "Not much just watching a LIFETIME MOVIE."

wait for it....wait for it.......

Hunk: "What did he do to her this time?"

Me: huge smile...."NOTHING! She is a witcho! She is sleeping with his best friend AND they are plotting to kill him!"

Hunk:. "huhhh.., so what's up? What did you need?"

Me.. " Oh, sorry, I'm good now."

Hunk: "Oooooookkk." mental note, Steph needs therapy

Why do I get satisfaction from this? Proving to him that it isn't ALWAYS a woman done wrong....Hunk really doesn't care, just likes to tease me. And is it anyless "chick flick like" if the woman is doing the man wrong? I don't know. Maybe I do need therapy. I'm sure Dr. Phil will do a show on it.......or Oprah.... "REAL Housewives addicted to Lifetime movies".

I'm addicted.... They call out to me.... "Stephanie, the laundry and dishes can wait......come take a load off and watch the LIFETIME movie you have on the DVR"....

Am I the only one being haunted by Lifetime? And now we have Lifetime AND Lifetime MOVIE NETWORK......

It's like offering me Dom Perignon instead of Cooks.......

Cooks works. I like Cooks. I'll toast with Cooks but Dom...... Dom makes me all warm and fuzzy...... Hunk says it does other things to me too but......well, I'm not going there.......not in this post anyway.....

Is there a "Lifetime Anonymous" meeting I can attend? Don't answer that, cuz the truth is, if there is...... I don't want to go. I admitted the addiction.... I want to stay on this "step" for awhile.

My weaknesses..... Hunk's wrangler butt, cheese, butter, Lifetime Movie Network .. .....Ok too many to list.

I would write more BUT there is a Lifetime.....ehemmmm..... I mean..... I have to go do the dishes.

A mother's work is never done....... sighhhhhhhhhhh

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Too funny. I can't watch them they get me all stressed out.
    Your weakness list, I thought it said cheese butter and I was like mmmmm what's that! :)

  2. I never sit down to watch a Lifetime movie but my girlfriends and I love watching them at like 2 in the morning. That and a bottle of wine makes for an entertaining night!

  3. Yup.....they call to me, too. {sigh}

  4. ♥ Funny! We don't have sattelite or I'd watch them also... So it's probably a good thing! :)

  5. I LOVE lifetime movies!! I get sucked in on the weekends and literally will watch one right after the other, especially the days my guys are gone, nothin better this time of year is cold day, fire going, stay im jams, snuggle in the chair with my favorite blankey, keep blinds drawn and watch, watch, watch LIFETIME-soooooooooo............do you think I need the 12 step program too? lol hope there's cable wherever I have to go lol lol

  6. We don't get lifetime either, but I sooooo know what you are talking about with chick flicks! They certainly are addicting!
    LOL at your call for your hubby to come home ... I thought you had something else in mind! ;->

    Butter. Cheese. Mmmmmm!

  7. O Mom- Cheese butter sounds like something that could be on my list....LOL Maybe we have a new invention coming upon us! ;)

    Erin- I LOVE that. 2am and a bottle of wine. Sounds like a great time to me! In fact I just picked up a bottle of wine at the store today..hmmmm

    trpultra- So glad I'm not alone... I think Erin has a great idea w/the bottle of wine shared with friends while watching. Although if it's during the day, I'm thinkin' I have to drive to get the Rugrats....but 2am, I'm good.

  8. Serious- Trust me.....it's a good thing. They suck you in....

    Lanette-You just described a wonderful day. Pj's all day- love doing that from time to time, blankie, fire, blinds drawn But we need to add some popcorn from the wonderful popcorn maker of yours!

    Cottage Girl- If Hunk keeps running and picking up the kids for me and then riding around on that tractor of his I'm going to be making that "other" phone call you were referring too. Don't tell him...BUT. I THINK HIS TRACTOR IS SEXY! ;)

  9. Your scaring me...I love wranglers and butter by the chunks and ohhhh cheese!!!! Life time...well I am more of the Hallmark channel type...oh and everyithing waits during Idol season!!! Thanks for the fun! Happy Day!

  10. The sisters. Oh man I do love Hallmark Channel too, in fact I have many Hallmark movies on DVD. And I Idol is on DVR. Maybe WE are sisters and just don't know it....lol We definitely belong in the 12 step program together. Enjoy your night....WATCHING IDOL. ;)

  11. I am not allowed to turn the tv on to the Lifetime or Lifetime Movie channel during the week (or weekday). It is against the rules. Why? The television will suck my entire day into the screen and regurgitate back to me wonderful time seizing movies to the point I never get anything done... and make me like it, too.

  12. Best Lifetime movie I ever watching was The Kissing Place. If they show that one again, great movie about a son that was kidnapped by a childless neighbor.

  13. Have any of the rest of you ever noticed that almost ALL of the lifetime movies involve a poor woman getting thrown down a flight of stairs????? lol addiction is bad, we really do need that 12 step program Steph!

  14. I *knew* there was a reason the TV is in the basement at my house! Otherwise, I'd be watching Lifetime movies all the time...

    And my husband willingly watches some of them with me!

  15. LBD- Good plan! Since it's Saturday and I only have 5,000 things to do I think I will turn it on today.....for one movie. LOL

    Screwed up Texan I am soooooo searching for The Kissing Place movie! Thanks for the tip! The wronged man was good too, if you haven't seen it.

    Lanette- LOL yes so many do, don't they? LOL

    Melissa- you have a good man. ;) Basement is also a great idea.....