Saturday, February 6, 2010


I celebrated my 40th birthday!!

That's not the only reason I've been away from my blog though. The MAIN reason is because on the very night of my birthday I got a new BFF (Best Friend Forever). I wasn't out looking for a new BFF. I was really happy with the BFF's that I have. But my new BFF was looking for me. And at times I was soooooo happy to have my BFF. I ran to my BFF and thanked it for being there for me.

As wonderful as my new BFF has been to me I really am getting very tired of the constant visiting that is going on between us. It is draining me........

I'm not visiting my BFF as often as I have been and that's why I am able to write this post to you now......

I miss my old BFF's and hope to reunite soon.....


TMI (too much information) I know......but I do say I tell all and keep it real, right?

Besides having a new BFF for a few days.............I have been having a wonderful week! One of my best friends drove down from out of town to spend last Saturday with me. She pulled up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, two kinds of chocolate cake (she couldn't decide which one looked better), birthday balloons and a card with a gift card to the Outback Steak House. Yummmmm.

We headed to town and spent the day together. We went to lunch, a movie, walked around in some shops and then went to dinner. It was a blast!

The fun didn't stop there though. We came home and watched another movie, ate some of our chocolate cake and talked until after 1 AM......

Wednesday I went to lunch with a group of girlfriends!

Then Hunk brought me home a bottle of Champagne, a bouquet of flowers and strawberries. (He and my Rugrat daughter attempted dipping them in chocolate but I guess left the chocolate in the microwave too long and lets just say I ended up with just strawberries.)

Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well but I managed to smell my flowers, eat a few strawberries and toast Hunk with the champagne.

We decided to go to dinner another night....

I have received some wonderful gifts and cards that I will be sharing as soon as I have time to download the photos.

In the meantime I wanted to share with you some photos of my past.....

I remember this cake. I loved the balloons and sucking the icing off of them....

However, I don't remember this at all......if i had to guess I'm thinking I probably enjoyed sucking on the rattle.

Time goes by so quickly. In what seems like a blink of an eye you go from WEARING DIAPERS, to playing in the dirt (and usually eating some), to spending summers going back and forth between your best friends home and yours, to falling in love and getting married, to CHANGING your Rugrats DIAPERS, to CHANGING your Grandrats DIAPERS and then back to WEARING DIAPERS.
I was going to say something but........I'll let it go....I think I've shared too much already.....

I'm by no means old, nor do I feel old, but it is yet another milestone in my life. One I am not sad but happy to have reached.

I've missed you!

Ciao Bellas~


  1. Forty is FABULOUS and that's exactly what you are! You're Forty,Fabulous,Fantasic,Fun,Fortunate,Friendly,
    Funny and my Forever Favorite Faithful Friend!!!!!!
    Yeah for 40!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Sorry you weren't feeling well. The toilet? that was scary!

  3. Thanks Sharon!!

    O MOM- LOL, wasn't that toilet scary? LOL You should have heard my tummy, it sounded like the toilet looks....growlin' and angry.... not good times.... ;) There I go with the TMI again!
    Thanks sooooooo much for the birthday wishes!!!

  4. Glad you're feeling better, Steph. Missed you! Oh and ....

    ................. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, youngster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So glad you had a great BD-so sorry about the tummy though! BLAH and you ARE 40 and fabulous! love ya cous!

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! I just got home with Hunk from going to dinner with friends. I think I'm really having a birthweek instead of a birthday! No complaints though!!

    I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends around me who want to celebrate with me!

    Life is good. ;)

  7. Happy 40th!!! Hope you had a GREAT Birthday and I hope its your BEST year yet!! Welcome to the 40's club...its not so bad!!

  8. Since 40 is the new 30 I'm so glad you just turned 30 - 30's are awesome - enjoy them! This was a very funny blog - I'm so sorry you were intimately acquainted with your new BFF but also glad you're feeling better enough to come back and chat with us!

  9. Forty has been Fantastic for me so far and I'm sure it will be for you as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and welcome to the "club"!!