Thursday, February 25, 2010


So here it is. The top cabinet, I already removed stuff from one shelf and then decided I really should share. I always profess to spillin' the beans on myself, so I'm keeping true to that. I'm throwing myself under the bus........ And I'm on a mission to organize decorate and reclaim my home! more about that in another post.......

The bottom on the pantry......ughhhhhh......gross

Wow, the shelves looks so clean under all the crap......NOT

And there is part of it..........

And there is more..........

And the rest of the table........MORE......
Now to figure out what to keep and what to toss......

Looks so much better! Top Shelf with breakfast items......

Next shelf: Snack crackers and chips........obvious where I get my butt now....

Next Shelf: Drink mixes, juice and our hot cocoa packets (Hunk puts in his coffee every morning)

This shelf is our snack basket. The Rugrats use this for after school snacks and also for their packed school lunch.....(one item from the basket per day)

More lunch preparation items and extras......

So much better....... Love the basket I used for all my seasoning packets, it's sooooooo much easier to find things now!

It's always my goal every single stinkin' year to become organized. Every year I gain a little ground but always seem to fail at being what I consider an organized person.
This post is my first step in making this happen.
Sharing with you will hold me accountable.....Maybe spillin' it on myself will give me a little encouragement to make it happen.
Having four Rugrats (only 3 still living at home but four sounds better! After all I do still do his laundry half the time...LOL) to run and do things for/with and being responsible for the office part of our business, it makes life sooooo much easier to be organized.
I'm on a mission! This is my year. I decided this last night.......Which is maybe why I stayed up until 1am. I was trying to upload photos and rat myself out (but computer would NOT cooperate) and I was doing laundry and I refused to go to bed with a dirty dish in the sink..... How could I do that and claim to be on a fresh start???.......especially since a defining moment that gave me the push I needed came in the form of someone talking about how organized their wife was. He said she is very organized and is the least procrastinating person he knows. He went on to say that she would not go to bed until everything she wanted to get done that day was done. She couldn't even go to bed with a dirty dish in the sink.
I may never be that organized BUT if my goal is to be a Proverbs 31 woman (and it so is my goal) then I need to step it up in areas that bother me about myself. And to see this man "brag" on his wife in areas that I would love for Hunk to be able to "brag" on made me think. Get off you....ehemmmm..... BUTTOCKS and DO IT.... Be all that you can be. Stop talking about becoming organized and make it happen. It really is going to come down to discipline. I expect it of my Rugrats, homework first fun later...... same rules need to apply to me.......
Being the best mother and wife is my mission....... Doing a good job running our business is my job. This is my year.......This is my life. I've been given a 2nd chance at life and I'm going to make the most of it. I want to make ME PROUD OF ME.
I'm rambling (what's new!)........
I know you will help be the wind beneath my wings so I will share..........when I fail and when I succeed.
So much more to come!
Ciao Bellas~


  1. I'm going to email a "list" I learned about Prov. 31 woman years ago - it's awesome. This seems to be THE year for organization & simplifying! We are donating TONS of stuff to Salvation Army and cleaning cupboards, shelves, drawers, etc., too! I want Alpha Hubby to feel that same way, too. To come home to a peaceful house and everything in its place. We can do this - I will help blow that wind - you do the same!!

  2. Great job! You can also use an over the door shoe holder to put small bags/gravy pouches/little boxes/etc in. Really saves space and helps you find what you need fast!

  3. Thanks so much Nan! I love the list...

    Screwed Up Texan- Thank you and GREAT IDEA! Thanks for the tip. I can use all I can get. =)

  4. PLEASE PLEASE come to NY and help me!!! Great job mama, I strive for the same thing you totally inspired me AGAIN!!!!

  5. Hey Deanna! I'd love to come to NY, never been. =) Glad I inspired you. I'm inspired for a fresh start. So many changes have gone on the last few years in my life and I'm ready to make 2010 a great year!

  6. You go girl!!! Your reorganized cabinets look GREAT!

  7. ♥ It looks great! Doesn't it feel so good! I need to get busy and do some stuff around here!

  8. funny you posted this tonight cous-while cooking dinner and cleaning up I was JUST telling my cc's that I wish someone would sneak in while I was gone and take this house and organize each and every nook and cranny! you SAW my cabinets and what is supposed to be a WALK IN pantry (that you really have to stand on the outside and lean in) because its busting at the seams! the day we had our cook a thon. I am reading a book on the solution to de stressing your life and it said that a dis organized home causes superstress-well who'd a thunk it??? lol got my answer! you did a great job, keep up the good work and then get right to mine! I'm too stressed to re organize lol

  9. So proud of you! I love an organized cupboard, thanks for sharing. :)