Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I just wanted to let you all know that I have been arguing with my computer for a few hours now and I can't get ANY of my photo's to upload to my blog or open on my computer.

I have several that I took of my OH SO THRASHED busting at the seams house, what we've done so far in my Rugrat daughters bedroom.

It's midnight and I still have laundry going and just finished loading the dishwasher and killing MORE ANTS........ ughhhhhh...... I'm having a hard time going to sleep but in 5 hours when it is time to get up I'll be doing what I give Hunk a bad time about...........hitting the snooze button repeatedly...

I'm hoping to be able to upload the photo's in the morning. Please work computer, please..... I also have some great photos of my Rugrat daughters Valentine "Hollywood" dance (we got a limo for her and many of her friends and it was so much fun!!).......

Ciao Bellas~

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